Wildlife in Yorkshire

As summer reigns, Yorkshire's wildlife is keeping busy ahead of autumn and winter. With vibrant colours across the countryside, there are signs of nature all around you. Here's our top spots for nature-lovers.

Tansy beetle at Beningbrough Hall

Tansy beetle at Beningbrough Hall 

The iridescent tansy beetle is an endangered species, now only found on a 28 mile (45km) stretch of the bank of the River Ouse, in the York area, and in an area of Wicken Fen. It lives on the yellow-flowered tansy plant and you may spot it along the river at Beningbrough Hall in summer.

A water vole perches on a wooden post

Water voles at Malham Tarn  

More than a hundred water voles were released onto streams around Malham Tarn in 2016 with another hundred being released in 2017 and they're now thriving. Water voles are the UK's fastest declining land mammal and hadn't been seen in the lake in 50 years, but thanks to the work of our rangers they've now made themselves at home and have been spotted up to a kilometre from their original release site.

A Northern Hairy Wood Ant at Hardcastle Crags

Northern hairy wood ants at Hardcastle Crags  

Bigger than the average ant, the northern hairy wood ant can be found in the woodland at Hardcastle Crags. These hard-working insects make their homes in giant dome shaped nests, some of which are up to six feet tall. Look out for them whilst you’re out walking along the Crags’ many paths.

A mother leads her young through Studley Royal deer park

Wild deer herd at Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal 

Visiting Studley Royal deer park is always memorable. Home to three different breeds - red, fallow and sika - there's a herd of approximately 350 living in the park, which has been home to deer since medieval times. Always remember to keep your distance, and dogs on leads. Listen out and you may hear the bellow of one of the larger red stags.