Nature talk and tea

Enjoying an afternoon tea in the Great Room of Lodge Park

Throughout 2018 Lodge Park will be holding a series of nature talks as including afternoon tea, with a variety of specialists. A chance to hear from some well-known experts, chat to them over afternoon tea and ask questions. 

The Sherborne Park Estate was home to BBC Springwatch 2017 and 2018, and we will be continuing to focus on nature and the wildlife of the Cotswolds. 


Wednesday 18 July 

Bumblebees are in trouble. Dr. Cathy Horsley from the British Bumblebee Conservation Trust will be highlighting the plight of this stalwart of the British countryside. Vital pollinators of crops and wildflowers, bumblebees form small colonies and can visit flowers as far as 2km away.

After the talk a delicious traditional afternoon tea including a selection of sandwiches, savoury pastries, cakes, and scones will be served by the fire on vintage china, accompanied by tea and coffee. 

The 'nature talk and tea' series

Following on from this will be wildlife specialists including hedgehogs, bees, and raptors. 

Wednesday 19 September 

No one loves creepy crawlies as much as the BBC’s ‘bug man’ – Dr. George McGavin. George is an author, lecturer, TV presenter and explorer. He’s even had several insect species named in his honour. This entertaining talk promises to uncover the weird and wonderful world of bugs.

Wednesday 10 October 

Join Dr. Pat Morris, President of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society for a ‘hog’ filled afternoon. Small, round, brown and famously covered in spines, the hedgehog is one of the most familiar of Britain’s wild mammals. In the last 10 years hedgehog numbers have fallen by 30% and there are now thought to be fewer than one million left in the UK. They are disappearing from our countryside as fast as tigers are worldwide.

Wednesday 7 November

Professor Richard Delahay from the Animal and Plant Agency who are leading the badger monitoring project at Woodchester Park. Although badgers are nocturnal and elusive, they remain one of the UK’s favourite mammals. They have an appetite to match too – eating several hundred earthworms every night. They inherit their setts from their parents so their tunnel system can be huge – sometimes even centuries old.

Where to find us

Lodge Park, Aldsworth, near Cheltenham, GL54 3PP

Upcoming events

Sherborne Park Ranger Walks

Fri 06 Jul 2018
Our rangers will take you off the normal footpaths to visit some of the sites made famous by BBC Springwatch.

Nature talk and tea with Dr Cathy Horsley

Wed 18 Jul 2018
As part of our nature talk and tea series, a talk from bumble bee specialist Dr Cathy Horsley, followed by a traditional afternoon tea at Lodge Park.

Sherborne Park Bioblitz

Thu 26 Jul 2018
Want to discover new species? A bio-blitz across the estate will help us find out what bugs, birds, mammals and plants are on the estate - including activities and guided walks

The Household at Lodge Park

Sat 04 Aug 2018
The Household living history group bring Lodge Park to life with games in the Great Room.

Nature talk and tea with George McGavin

Wed 19 Sep 2018
September's nature talk and tea features Dr George McGavin, entomologist and presenter. Speaking about his work with insects and his work in the media.

Boil a mouse in urine

Sun 23 Sep 2018
You can find out how boiling a mouse in urine would have helped you in the 17th century.