Paw prints

Badger prints in the snow

This paw print was left by a badger.

As badgers are nocturnal it can be difficult to see them in the wild, but you can still look out for their tracks during the daylight hours. Their prints look similar to those of a cat, but are larger (around 5cm long and 6.5cm wide), and badgers have five toes whereas cats only have 4. Claw marks might also be visible on badger tracks.


Fox print in the snow
Fox print in the snow

Fox prints differ slightly to badger prints, they don't have the elongated claws that are visible in badger prints.


A dog print in the snow
A dog print in the snow

Dog prints are very similar to fox prints, depending on the breed they may be quite a bit bigger than the fox prints. 


Rabbit tracks in the snow
Rabbit tracks in the snow

Rabbits are another mammal that has a very similar paw print to dogs and foxes.


Will you spot otter tracks?
Otter tracks in the mud

You might be very lucky and spot an otter track. Obviously, these are more likely to be seen in mud, perhaps on a river bank or near the shore. It is more likely to spot tracks or other traces that otters have been around than to actually see one of these shy and elusive creatures.