Identifying animal tracks

If you’re out rustling through leaves in the woodlands or breathing fresh air in the open countryside, you might come across signs of animals that have recently passed by. Animal tracks can often be seen in soft squelchy mud, and also show up well in snow during the winter months. We’ve gathered some footprints of animals that might make their homes near you, with tips for identifying them on your explorations.

Bird print in snow

Spotting bird prints

The arrowhead shape of birds’ tracks are easily identifiable from mammal prints, but it can be difficult to work out exactly which species of bird they belong to. What bird do you think left this print?

Badger prints in the snow

Paw prints

There are lots of animals which leave similar paw prints. Could this one be a fox, a dog or a badger?

A deer print in the snow

Finding hoof prints

Which animal do you think would make hoof prints like this?

Duck prints in the snow

Waterbird prints

Waterbird prints look different to wildfowl. What sort of bird do you think made these prints?