Wildlife on the Sherborne Park Estate

With woodland, open farm fields, ancient trees and the watermeadows, there are a huge range of habitats for wildlife at the Sherborne Park Estate. We work hard to improve them and encourage even more wildlife. Here's a few examples of what can be found.

Ranger Anna Field putting a bird box in a tree

Helping homeless animals

When animals struggle to find a place to live, sometimes they need a helping hand. Our team at Sherborne have many ways they can help.

An iPad bat detector in use to listen to bats in a nearby roost.

Sherborne’s bat man

New technology is helping us to find new bat species which have found their way to Sherborne, thanks to years of work creating the right places for them to live.

Egret in flight

Protecting our wonderful water birds

Swans and egrets create a splash of white among the ducks on the two rivers which flow through Sherborne Park Estate. The water fowl find a home on recently restored water meadows.

A Red Kite at Sherborne Park Estate, where the first breeding pair in Gloucestershire were recorded in 2013

Raptors in winter

The Sherborne Park Estate is a haven for raptors. With a wide variety of habitats on site, you could spot everything from barn owls and buzzards to red kites. Read on to learn more about the 'festival of raptors'


Furry riverside faces

Otters and water voles are two of the most interesting mammals you can find on the banks of the rivers running through the Sherborne Park Estate. Discover more about these fury creatures.

Corn bunting in a field at Sherborne

Finding Farmland Birds

Species which are in decline elsewhere, can still be seen in large numbers at Sherborne Park, thanks to the partnership between local farmers and our rangers.

Wide hedges and field margins managed for wildlife create corridors between wildlife sites.

Keeping wildlife connected

Modern life builds barriers which can prevent wildlife moving into new areas, so we're busy reconnecting once isolated pockets of wildlife with their neighbours.

Roman snail at Chedworth Roman Villa

Wildlife in the Cotswolds 

Sherborne Park isn't the only place in the Cotswolds with lots of wildlife, our neighbours Chedworth Roman Villa have some very unusual things