Walking trail

Sherborne orienteering trail

Walking trail

This is a fun trail for families; discover a mystery two-part word by finding 13 hidden letters along the route.

Escape into the garden, with majestic trees and beautiful lawns

Start at Ewe Pen Barn and finish at the Pleasure Ground, taking care to put the letters in the right order as you go along. Grade of walk: Flip Flop (easy and lots of fun); Type of walk: 'Hidden Places'.

Sherborne Park Estate, Gloucestershire


Map route for Sherborne orienteering trail


Ewe Pen barn car park, grid ref: SP166140


The walk starts in the Ewe Pen Barn car park. Look out for the buildings where sheep used to shelter in the winter. Here is where you'll find your first letter.

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Turn right as you leave the car park and follow the track. Bear right at the gate to walk along the stone wall. Look out for an elder bush against the wall at the end of the tree line, where you'll find your second letter.

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Keep on the track and pass the football pitch until you come to the avenue of beech trees. The beech trees lined the original driveway to Sherborne House. One of the first four trees has letter number three hidden amongst its branches.

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Go back to the track and follow the edge of Quarry Wood. The area used to be quarried for stone until the First World War, hence the name. The wood is bordered by a young plantation of trees. At the end of the plantation, just before another wall starts again, you'll find the fourth letter.


Stay on the track until you come across a metal gate on your left. Go through the gate to enter the Pleasure Grounds and follow the path down. Before the path goes up, you'll see a gap looking like a 'valley' on your left. The fifth letter is hidden in this area.


Continue on the same path to a beech tree, just before the metal gate. Look up and you'll see a flying bat sculpture. Somewhere around the tree is the sixth letter.


Walk through the gate and find the ice house for the seventh letter.


The path will lead you to another metal gate. Follow the track and keep bearing right to follow the edge of the parkland. At the point where the two fields separate is a fence. Letter number eight can be found on a conifer tree on the woodland side of the fence.


Stay on the path until you reach the sculpture with the life cycle of the beetle on it. Somewhere on the tree is the ninth letter.


Go back towards the bench and keep bearing right whilst following the path. In the bend there are two Austrian pines. There may be pine cones on the ground. Look up to find letter number ten.


Look out for letter 11 on an ash tree in the wooded area, just before the waymark post.


Follow the path straight on and climb up the hill where a yew tree surrounded by the circular seat stands. You'll find letter 12 on the tree.


Run down the hill to the right to find a rock standing on its own. You'll find the last letter here. Now you've found all the letters, put them in the right order to make a two part word. Have you guessed what it is? You've now finished the walk. From here, follow the track back in reverse to get back to the car park.

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Ewe Pen barn car park, grid ref: SP166140

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Sherborne orienteering trail


This is an easy access track, although the paths can get muddy and slippery in wet weather. 

Dogs are welcome.

Sherborne orienteering trail

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Sherborne orienteering trail

How to get here

Sherborne Pleasure Grounds, North Cotswolds, between Northleach and Burford, Gloucestershire GL54 3DW
By train

Cheltenham, 13 miles (20.9km), with bus links to Sherborne.

By road

Approach from A40 following Sherborne direction. Car park at Ewe Pen Barn.

By bus

Swanbrook 853, Oxford to Gloucester; 833, Cheltenham to Northleach.

Sherborne orienteering trail

Facilities and access

  • Dogs are welcome