Visiting Lodge Park

Lodge Park, Gloucestershire

Nestled in the Cotswold countryside, surrounded by Bridgeman parkland, Lodge Park is a tiny gem waiting for you to explore. Discover the history of this special grandstand and surrounding Deer Park.


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The grandstand

Lodge Park is England’s only surviving, and probably most opulent, 17th-century grandstand. Created in 1634 by John ‘Crump’ Dutton, Lodge Park indulged his passion for gambling, banqueting and entertaining.

The building has been modified many times over the years and questions still remain about who the remodels can be attributed to. Explore this fascinating building and soak up its rich history.

Lodge Park houses the best of the Sherborne collection. Inherited from Lord Sherborne in 1982, highlights include Kent furniture and family portraits.

The deer park

There was already a park here when Crump inherited the estate in 1618, and he soon set about enclosing and developing it. A warrant signed by Oliver Cromwell in 1655 allowed him to take bucks and roes from Wychwood Forest to fill this new park, giving Crump further opportunites to indulge his passions for sports and gambling. Lodge Park was used as a venue for the gentry to gather and socialise, and events such as deer coursing would regularly be held. The hosting of such events helped to cement Crump's status as a very wealthy and influential individual.  


Bridgeman landscape

In 1726, renowned landscape designer Charles Bridgeman redesigned the parkland at Lodge Park. Although very little of his planting remains today, his designs are still largely intact. In fact, this is the only surviving Bridgeman landscape not to have been overlaid by the better-remembered designers William Kent and Capability Brown.

Follow the footpaths to the rear of Lodge Park and take in the stunning landscape.

Soak up the Cotswold countryside air
Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate, Gloucestershire
Soak up the Cotswold countryside air

Groups and tours

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Sherborne is an open estate; groups of walkers are welcome, but please observe the countryside code.
There's so much space to explore on the Sherborne Park Estate
Den building at Sherborne Park Estate
There's so much space to explore on the Sherborne Park Estate