Discover more about the Lorna Doone Valley

View over hills to Cloud Farm

The Doone Valley was made famous by RD Blackmore in his infamous novel Lorna Doone. Set in this hidden valley on Exmoor readers of the novel will be familiar with some of the locations in the book.

Badgworthy Water

The well know 'Doone village' is strangely beautiful, set in a valley scattered with patches of scree. There are traces of stone walls (thought to be from the twelfth century) which were once home to a remote farming community living on the edge of Exmoor. Today these medieval houses and field terraces are one of the best preserved of this type in South West England.  

RD Blackmore used this location as the home of the Doones who in the novel are a band of outlaws robbing and pilaging locals. He describes in the book;

" For she stood at the head of a deep green valley, carved from out the mountains in a perfect oval, with a fence of sheer rock standing round it, eighty feet or a hundred high; from whose brink black wooded hills swept up to the skyline. By her side a little river glided out from underground with a soft dark babble…"
- RD Blackmore

Badgworthy water is a very short walk from the car park up river. 

Malmsmead Bridge 

This picturesque bridge over the river dates from the seventeenth century and the ford is even older. 

The ford at Malmsmead
A ford in the Lorna Doone Valley
The ford at Malmsmead