Lydford Gorge

The deepest river gorge in the South West, with 30m high waterfall

Lydford Gorge

Things to see and do

Walkers on the river path at Lydford Gorge

Walking at Lydford Gorge 

Discover ancient woodlands, cascading waterfalls and fascinating rock formations carved out by the River Lyd.

Lydford Gorge

What's on

Upcoming events

Animal tracks summer trail

Tue 23 Jul 2019
Can you discover which wild animals have left their footprints all around the gorge?

Fantastic flags

Fri 26 Jul 2019
Make your own natural paints and brushes to decorate your ‘Lydford explorer’ flag and let everyone know you conquered the gorge.

Make a Lydford pixie door

Sat 27 Jul 2019
Get creative and decorate a miniature door for a Lydford pixie, or any magical creature you like.

Launch a bottle rocket

Mon 29 Jul 2019
Bring along an empty fizzy pop bottle or borrow one of ours and see how high you can make it fly using just water and air.

Bushcraft den building

Thu 01 Aug 2019
Build a den in the orchard with the help of the rangers.

Mini raft making

Sat 03 Aug 2019
Make your own mini raft with the help of the ranger team then launch it on the river Lyd to see how well it sails.
Lydford Gorge

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Cream teas and walking boots

Lydford Gorge

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Lydford Gorge


The Whitelady Waterfall, Lydford Gorge, Devon

The formation of Whitelady Waterfall 

Whitelady Waterfall is an outstanding sight to behold.