Lydford Gorge

The deepest river gorge in the South West, with spectacular 30m waterfall

Lydford Gorge

Things to see and do

Children walking in their wellies

A walk for little legs at Lydford Gorge 

Tempt your little ones on a walk to the bird hide with puddles to splash in.

Walking on the bare rock path

Blow away the cobwebs at Lydford Gorge 

Wrap up warm, get your boots on and start those new year’s resolutions to get more active with a bracing walk to Whitelady Waterfall.

Blue tits and coal tits on the peanut feeder

Things to see and do this winter at Lydford Gorge 

There's plenty to see and do at Lydford Gorge, from walks and wildlife to tasty treats.

Walking along the river path through Lydford Gorge

Planning a summer visit to Lydford Gorge? 

What you’ll find at Lydford Gorge if you visit between March and October.

Lydford Gorge

What's on

Upcoming events

Apple pruning workshop

Sat 23 Feb 2019
Join the rangers in the orchard to learn about pruning apple trees.

Sensory explorer trail

Sat 23 Feb 2019
Are you up for exploring both Finch Foundry and Lydford Gorge with all five senses?

Fun with fire

Sat 23 Mar 2019
Learn how to light a fire without matches, and then mix up some tasty dough to cook on a stick over the campfire.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

Sat 06 Apr 2019
How do wild animals make their homes? What are they like to live in? Find out by following the trail through the orchard. Also keep your eyes peeled for clues that Bunny has been visiting his friends on a walk around the gorge, a chocolatey treat...

Family wild kitchen

Sat 06 Apr 2019
Forage for wild garlic then make your own pasta and pesto lunch on the camp fire.

Launch a bottle rocket

Mon 08 Apr 2019
Bring along an empty fizzy pop bottle or borrow one of ours and see how high you can make it fly using just water and air.
A wooden bunny face sculpture

Easter fun at Lydford Gorge 

There will be lots of hands-on activities this Easter including an interactive Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt. Get outdoors and earn your chocolatey treat at the gorge.

Lydford Gorge

Eating and shopping

Cream teas and walking boots

Lydford Gorge

Our work

Lydford Gorge


The Whitelady Waterfall, Lydford Gorge, Devon

The formation of the Whitelady Waterfall 

Whitelady Waterfall is an outstanding sight to behold