A walk for little legs at Lydford Gorge

Children walking in their wellies

The railway path to the bird hide is a perfect walk for little legs. It runs along the track of the old Great Western railway and so it’s flat except for a small slope at the start.

The bird hide makes a great destination, a host of woodland birds are attracted to the feeding station, and it can be a great place to have a snack, sheltered from the wind and rain.

Great tits and Blue tits especially like the peanut feeders
Great tit and Blue tit on peanut feeder
Great tits and Blue tits especially like the peanut feeders

If you want to explore further, follow the railway path beyond the bird hide and about 40 meters on there are the remains of an old railway hut with a fireplace still visible. The path ends here and so you can then retrace your steps back to the car park. 

Along the walk there are cuttings made when the railway was built, the rock sides are covered with greenery and there is usually water pouring down into a shallow gully next to the path. Then in other sections the path is raised giving you a great view out over the gorge. The tors of Dartmoor are visible in the distance and are easier to see when there are no leaves on the trees.

A pond can be found near the start of the walk. Towards the end of February the frogs will hopefully be laying frogspawn, have a rest on the bench and see what you can spot.

In winter the path can be wet and muddy in places so good footwear is advised. Go for wellies if your little ones love splashing in puddles!

Puddle jumping and running in the rain
Enjoy splashing in puddles this season
Puddle jumping and running in the rain