Keeping you and your dog safe at the gorge

Poppy the dog on the lead at Lydford Gorge

Dogs are very welcome at Lydford Gorge. We do ask that they are kept on a lead at all times. This is for their own safety, for the safety of other visitors walking in the gorge and to protect wildlife as well as the thin soils on the slopes.

You’re welcome to bring dogs to the gorge, but we ask that they are kept on a lead at all times. Adults, children and other dogs can be frightened when approached by a loose dog on the narrow, slippery paths.

If your dog does not enjoy being on a lead then the Gorge may not be the best place to go walking. The friendly visitor reception staff can advise you on good local places to go if your dog needs a run.

The gorge is protected as a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) and we have some very special moss and lichen species. There are also ground nesting birds to consider and if dogs stray from the path they may disturb the wildlife. The gorge is also very steep with only a thin covering of soil on its slopes. Walking on these slopes can dislodge rocks and other materials which could then fall on walkers below.

Over the summer you also need to be aware that you and your dog may be exposed to ticks in the gorge and whenever you are outdoors enjoying the countryside. Keeping to clearly defined paths and with your dog on a short lead the likelihood of a tick bite will be reduced. Don't panic if you or your dog are bitten, not all ticks carry diseases. Just remove the tick as quickly as possible in the right way, and if you get a rash or start to feel unwell, contact your GP right away.

The Devil's Cauldron viewing area is not suitable for dogs, but can be easily avoided as the Cauldron viewing area is a small off-shoot from the main route.

Please lend a helping paw and clear up any dog mess, you’ll find dog waste bins at both ends of the Gorge and waste bags are available from visitor reception.

There are water bowls outside visitor reception and the tea-rooms. Only assistance dogs can be taken into the tea-rooms, however there are tables available outside at both locations.

By keeping your dog on a lead throughout the property we hope to ensure that everyone who comes to the Gorge has a brilliant and safe visit.