Retail therapy at Lydford Gorge

There's lots of tasty treats to choose from

Stop in the shop for some guilt free retail therapy, everything you spend goes into looking after special places like Lydford Gorge for ever for everyone.


The shop can be found at the Devil's Cauldron entrance and is stocked with a range of National Trust favourites as well as products from local suppliers.

The great outdoors

The range of outdoor clothing comes in handy when caught out by the Dartmoor weather.

Suitably dressed for some typical Dartmoor weather
Group wearing Jack Wolfskin outdoor wear
Suitably dressed for some typical Dartmoor weather

With the first 100 per cent recycled membrane and 100 per cent PFC free fabrics, our eco friendly range is made by the outdoor clothing specialist, Jack Wolfskin, and celebrates our shared commitment to looking after the great outdoors. 

Along with other outdoor essentials such as walking boots, socks, fleeces and hats you'll be fully prepared to explore the gorge and wider Dartmoor area. Walking poles, which can be useful when traversing the uneven paths in the gorge, are also for sale.

To keep your data safe when travelling further afield, you could invest in a rucksack or card wallet made from a unique fabric that blocks RFID (radio-frequency identification) signals, preventing thieves with handheld readers from accessing your money and data.

Selection of products from our Spring range


The new collection bursts with colour, spring scents and elegant textures, highlighting how nature's waterways nourish and inspire us. The exclusive prints have taken inspiration from rich foliage-lined river banks, grass wetlands and the buzzing wildlife found in these tranquil places.

Eco kitchen

Create an eco-friendly home with our sustainable kitchen products. Go green with our ethical utensils and supplies, including bamboo travel cups, reusable drinking straws and plastic-free food bags. We’ve also got a range of natural household cleaners which are allergy-friendly and vegan.

Eco-friendly kitchen essentials
Eco-friendly kitchen essentials
Eco-friendly kitchen essentials
Children's accessories laid out on a table, including a hat, backpack and sunglasses.

Sustainable children's products

Kit the kids out for an adventure with our fun new range in collaboration with Frugi - an eco-friendly British children's brand. With outdoor toys, quirky pocket money ideas, wooden toys and fun family games we’ve got playtime covered, however old you are.