Summer walks and picnics at the gorge

Here at Lydford Gorge we are all about walking. And we think that for a walk to be great there should be food involved.

In summer what can be better that stopping to enjoy a picnic in beautiful surroundings. Whether you have a whole day to take your time and fully explore the gorge or whether you only want a short walk and somewhere peaceful to rest, the gorge can provide it all. 

The Orchard has lots of space to spread picnic blankets and a children’s play area to tire the younger ones out with a zip wire and climbing frames. Being close to the Devil’s cauldron car park you can picnic before or after your walk. Also if you start your walk from the waterfall entrance then you can stop off at the orchard half way round. You could also treat yourself to an ice cream from the tea-room here or purchase some top-ups for the picnic hamper.

The pixie glen rest area is a secluded picnic spot down in the gorge, slightly off the main track just before you reach tunnel falls. Here there are picnic tables sheltering under the canopy of Oaks, a good place to see what woodland wildlife appears when you are patient.

If you are planning to stop for a picnic by the river then a waterproof picnic blanket would be highly recommended. Part of the charm of the gorge is the lush growth which is sustained by the constantly damp atmosphere. There are wider sections at Pixie Glen and Whitelady waterfall where you can sit and listen to the sound of the water while you picnic. As always we would ask that you take responsibility for your own litter and take it home, then the gorge can remain special for everyone who visits.