Pinkneys Green - Maidenhead Commons

A meander through our hay meadows at Pinkneys Green will reveal a rich variety of grasses, flowers and buzzing insects that have made their home in this expanse of open grassland.

A riot of colour

The grasses in these open, unfenced meadows are left to grow tall all summer long so you’ll find a wealth of wildflowers. From delicate yellow cowslips and kidney vetch to bright white oxeye daisies and purple field scabious, specks of colour dance amongst the grasses for as far as the eye can see. These commons are no longer grazed so we cut the meadows for hay in late summer, so encouraging the distribution of seeds for the next year.

Ox eye Daisy, Pinkneys Green

Bees and butterflies

In summer, the purples, yellows and greens of the wildflowers are alive with the hum of bees and butterflies. Grasslands are the favourite habitat for the marbled white butterfly, a medium-sized butterfly, with black and white checked wings. Your best chance of seeing one flitting between the blades is in mid-July and it is particularly fond of purple flowers so look carefully at Wild Marjoram, thistles, and knapweeds.

Marbled white butterflies, Pinkneys Green
Marbled white butterflies, Pinkneys Green
Marbled white butterflies, Pinkneys Green

Birds and beasts

Listen out for the distinctive calls of the skylark, though you’ll need a sharp eye to spot them flying high over the fields on a warm summers evening. Come autumn, the hedgerows that surround the field host dunnocks, fieldfares and redwings stopping on their long winter migration to shelter and feed. Meanwhile, the long grass provides a haven for voles, shrews and field mice. 

Outdoor adventures

The open space is great for trying your hand at kite flying - why not tick off number 7 of our list of 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ and send your kites soaring with the birds? Or bring your magnifying glass and take on number 31; hunting for bugs. 

Getting here

  • OS Map grid reference: SU 854 815

  • Our nearest car parks are at Pinkneys Drive (SU 854 815) and Pinkneys Green, next to the cricket pitch (SU 862 833)