Cookham Commons

The Cookham commons are a series of commons, stretching from Cookham and Widbrook in the east, Cock Marsh and Winter Hill in the north and the collection of commons that make up the Commons of Cookham Dean in the west. The impressive vistas and great expanses of open grassland offer an idyllic rural landscape that inspired the likes of Stanley Spencer and Kenneth Grahame to some of their most impressive and iconic works.

Causeway over Cookham Moor

Cookham Moor 

At the very heart of Cookham Village, the Moor is often a focal point for local events and fetes. It’s also a great starting point for and extended walk along the river Thames to Cock Marsh.

Flood meadows at Cock Marsh, Cookham

Cock Marsh 

Situated on the banks of the River Thames, opposite the town of Bourne End, the chalk grasslands of Cock Marsh make for a pleasant riverside stroll.

Willow at Widbrook Common, Cookham, Berkshire


Winding its way through the common is the stream of White Brook, more traditionally known as Withe-brook, named after the willow trees that are still found along its banks.

Wildflowers on Winter Hill

Winter Hill 

Rising to a height of 280 feet, Winter Hill offers panoramic views over the River Thames towards Marlow.

Cookham Dean Common

The Commons of Cookham Dean 

These collections of commons are central to the character of Cookham Dean and create a chain of grassland habitats through the landscape.