Maidenhead Commons

The Maidenhead commons are a series of commons, stretching from Maidenhead Thicket and Pinkneys Drive in the south, Pinkneys Green, Winter Hill Road Woods and the Brick and Tile Works to the north, and North Town Moor in the east. The commons offer great walking opportunities and a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Maidenhead town centre.

Maidenhead Thicket - Hugh Mothersole

Maidenhead Thicket 

The Thicket offers varied walking routes throughout the seasons with highlights including clumps of snowdrops in spring and a golden canopy of oak and lime leaves in autumn.

Pinkneys Green

Pinkneys Drive 

A great place to have a picnic, whether it be in the cool shade under the canopy of Pinkneys Drive woods, or amongst a sea of colours in the wide and open expanse of the wildflower meadow.

Ox eye Daisy, Pinkneys Green

Pinkneys Green 

A meander through our hay meadows at Pinkneys Green will reveal a rich variety of grasses, flowers and buzzing insects that have made their home in this expanse of open grassland.

Pond at Maidenhead Brick and Tile Works, Berkshire

Brick and Tile Works 

The remnants of industrial clay extraction at the site of the old brick and tile works has created a number of lowland ponds with an impressive array of aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna.

Hazel catkins

Winter Hill Road Woods 

Coppice woodland like that found at Winter Hill Road Woods can provide a constant supply of materials for a wide variety of uses, it also provides a wide variety of different habitats that are able to support many different species.

North Town Moor community orchard

North Town Moor 

North Town Moor forms an integral part of the Green Way, a waterside corridor flowing from Cookham to Maidenhead then onto Bray.