Must-see marine life at Marloes

A seal pup on the Marloes shoreline

Marloes’ marine life is rich, with the coast surrounding the peninsula a designated Marine Conservation Zone. The high diversity of habitats means you’ll spot all kinds of creatures in the water and on the shoreline.

Seals, porpoises and dolphins

In late summer, you can see Atlantic grey seals and their pups on remote beaches around the peninsula. Around 150 pups are born each year and you’ll get the best view of them from the Deer Park’s clifftop.

Join one of our ranger-led walks to see the seals – the guided trips are great for getting to learn more about the wildlife and area.

The rough stretch of water known as Jack Sound, which is between the Deer Park and Middle Isle, is a popular haunt for porpoises. Watch them make a splash and, if you’re lucky, you might see a dolphin or two – they’re known to make an appearance every now and again.


Marloes Deer Park

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Rare sea creatures

Delve a little deeper into the water world and you’ll actually find nationally scarce species including the seafan sea slug, pink seafan sponge crab and crawfish, along with caves, reefs and wrecks.

Diving off the Marloes Peninsula is possible, but you’re best booking an organised trip with a local diving operator. They’ll work within the Pembrokeshire Marine Code and have the expert knowledge on tides and peak places.


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