Plan your visit to Marsden Moor

A young girl and her mother play by a river and a bridge at Marsden Moor

See the beautiful countryside and wild rugged scenery of Marsden Moor. With over 5000 acres of moorland to explore, it's the perfect place to get away from it all.

Please note: BBQs, fireworks and fires are banned on Marsden Moor all year round. Please help us look after this special place by leaving them at home during your visit.

When can I visit Marsden Moor?

Our countryside is open year-round for anyone to visit. With miles of footpaths and open moorland landscape, it's a great place to take in some fresh countryside air.

How do I get to Marsden Moor?

Marsden Moor covers a large area to the west of Marsden village. There is a train station in Marsden village which provides great access. To access the Northern section, including Haigh Gutter (Pennine Way) and Buckstones Car Park, take the A640 For the central area including Pule Hill and Marsden village, take the A62 To access the Southern section, including Wessenden Head and the Wessenden Valley, take the A635. We also have a large car park at the Old Good's Yard (Postcode: HD76DH.) All parking is free.

How much does it cost to visit Marsden Moor?

Marsden Moor is open countryside and is completely free to visit. Parking is free too. Our information room is currently closed, so we have no indoor space to visit.

Where should I walk on Marsden Moor?

The moors are full of paths, with hundreds of possible routes. We recommend bringing sturdy boots, wet weather gear and an Ordnance Survey map of the area to help you find your way. Alternatively, we have some suggested routes on our walking page.

Are any walks suitable for children or prams?

The flattest walking route is our Eastergate return route which takes about 45 minutes each way. There are no stiles or kissing gates along the route, however some sections of the route are cobbled or narrow.

Learning about the outdoors on Marsden Moor
A young girl is balanced on her father's shoulders
Learning about the outdoors on Marsden Moor

Where should I park to visit Marsden Moor?

We recommend parking at the Old Goods Yard, Marsden, HD7 7DH. This is a council-owned car park and is completely free. There is no gate on the car park and it is open 24/7.

Is Marsden Moor dog friendly?

We welcome dog walkers on the moors. However, please be aware we have livestock on the moors throughout the year, and dogs must be kept on a lead during ground nesting bird season. For more information, visit our page for dog owners.

Are there any public toilets?

There are no National Trust owned or public toilets in Marsden. There are cafes and pubs in the village.

What can I see on Marsden Moor?

Marsden Moor is a windswept, rugged landscape. It is 5000 acres of moorland, which is open for anyone to visit. In late summer, the moors are covered in heather. The moors are home to rare birds and mountain hare. Find out more about our wildlife here.

Why can't I bring a BBQ to Marsden Moor?

Our moorland is a precious landscape, home to many rare breeds of birds. The moors are suspceptible to fire and even a tiny spark from a BBQ can lead to a fire which destroys hundreds of hectares. Please leave the BBQ at home and bring a tasty picnic instead.

Can I camp on Marsden Moor?

We do not allow camping on Marsden Moor.