Your dog is welcome at Marsden Moor

Walking on the moor with a dog.


Most of our guided walks are dog friendly except bird watching and sheep shearing walks, although you are likely to encounter livestock and stiles on many of them. 

Doggie dos and don’ts

To help us ensure our visitors, dogs, wildlife and grazing animals get along please:

  • Keep your dog under close control preferably on a lead at all times (dogs must be on a lead during nesting season 1 March - 31 July)
  • Don’t let your dog chase wildlife or grazing animals
  • Pick up your dog’s mess and take it home with you

Cows are naturally curious; if they approach, walk slowly with your dog at heel. If you feel threatened, let go of your dog – it can run faster than cattle and escape. Once you're safe, regain control of your dog.

Always walk around cows with calves, they may feel threatened if you walk between them. If you're unsure try to find an alternative route around the animals.

Grazing season is from April – October.

There are no livestock on the moors during autumn and winter.


Breeding Birds

Marsden Moor is an important breeding site for ground nesting birds which are vulnerable to curious dogs when they’re sat on eggs and raising chicks. 

Moorland species such as Curlew, Golden Plover and Short-eared Owl use the moors as a safe place to breed and raise their young.

Please stick to footpaths and keep your dog on a lead during nesting season (1 March – 31 July).

Now your four-legged friends are ready to start their waggy adventure….