Renovation of the garden borders at Mompesson House

Main border in Mompesson's garden

The layout of the garden today was designed by Denis Martineau who lived at Mompesson House from 1952 to 1975. However, the design of the borders had been little changed since then. In 2016 we started a four year programme of renovation of the garden borders to enhance the appearance of the garden and provide interest throughout the year.

Rose border

The first phase of the project focused on the rose border. Our gardener Colin and his team of volunteers, with support from members of the garden team at Stourhead totally revamped it. The soil was removed, new soil brought in and the border was replanted with new roses.

Colin sourced replacement plants based on the 1970s planting scheme, with help from the team at David Austin roses. Some roses are like-for-like replacements whilst others are new but similar varieties. They also did some companion under-planting to complement the roses. 

Rose 'Olivia Rose Austin'
Rose 'Olivia Rose Austin' in the rose border
Rose 'Olivia Rose Austin'

Main border

We're currently concentrating on the main border at the back of the garden. The idea is to reflect the character of Denis Martineau in the choice of plants and their colour.

We’re also looking to improve the border in the courtyard to reflect its previous use for growing vegetables and cut flowers.   

It’s a very exciting time in the garden at Mompesson House and we’re looking forward to seeing how the garden is transformed over the coming years.