Mompesson House conservation blog

Welcome to the Mompesson House conservation blog, written by our Conservation Assistant Kate.


Getting ready for Christmas at Mompesson House 2019

Here's a sneak preview of our Victorian Christmas this year.

Checking the pest traps

Conservation in action at Mompesson House

Kate has been looking in minute detail at the pest traps in the house this month.

The front facade of Mompesson House

Fantasy Antiques Roadshow at Mompesson House

With the Antiques Roadshow coming to the Cathedral Close this week, Kate asks what items would each of us from the house take along!

Jinny's wedding dress and shoes

Getting ready for the 2019 exhibition

With the new season underway Kate shares the story of a lost treasure that is now the centre of this year’s exhibition.

Christmas preparations

Getting ready for Christmas at Mompesson House 2018

This year’s festive blog has a sweet side as Kate shares how she and the rest of the team prepare for Christmas with cakes, jellies and biscuits galore.

Taffeta on top of books in the library

Dust covers for the library books at Mompesson House

The National Trust’s conservation experts have a new recommended practice for keeping the dust off of all those books. Kate arms herself with a pair of pinking shears and some taffeta to tackle this new job.

Hagar and Ishmael in the wilderness, the Angel showing her the well.

Stumpwork at Mompesson House

With a background in textiles, our Conservation Assistant Kate feels a particular affinity with the stumpwork pictures at Mompesson. Here she tells us why getting close to these beautiful pictures is such a privilege.

Drinking glasses ready to be cleaned

Cleaning the Turnbull collection

Find out how the conservation team have been cleaning the Turnbull collection of 18th-century drinking glasses as part of the winter clean.

Starting to decorate the dining room table

Getting ready for Christmas at Mompesson House 2017

In this festive blog post Kate talks about preparations for opening the house at Christmas.

John Ellicott clock in the entrance hall

The heartbeat of the house

Each of Mompesson’s six clocks have their own unique personalities, writes our Conservation Assistant, Kate. All added together, however, they bring the house to life.

Staircase windows

Light at Mompesson House

The daily opening of the shutters floods the house with light but how does this affect the collection? Kate looks at the different ways that light is monitored to protect the collection whilst still creating a wonderful experience for visitors.

The spectacular staircase at Mompesson House

The staircase at Mompesson House

Find out this month about the history and upkeep of our spectacular staircase at Mompesson House, including our homemade cleaning products.

Checking the pest traps

Pests at Mompesson House

Stopping pests eating the house and collection is not a job for the faint hearted. Armed with a microscope and a hoover our Conservation Assistant Kate tackles these tiny foes.

Setting the dining room table

Reopening Mompesson House 2017

As the doors reopen at Mompesson House for the start of the season, we look behind the quiet facade to see what’s involved in getting the house ready for the public.

The green room covered in dustsheets

Winter cleaning at Mompesson House 2017

The winter clean is a vital part of how the National Trust looks after its collections. From behind Mompesson‘s closed doors our Conservation Assistant Kate lets you in on a few Trust secrets.

View from an attic window

The hidden side of Mompesson House

There’s a hidden side of every National Trust house. Secret rooms, quiet corridors and stairways behind locked doors. In her first blog post Kate explores the hidden side of Mompesson House.