Plants Portrayed exhibition at Mottisfont

Japanese Pagoda Tree, watercolour on paper, by Masumi Yamanaka

This exhibition took place from April - July 2019 and has now finished.

Plants Portrayed is on display from Saturday 4 May – Sunday 7 July, 11am - 5pm. Normal property admission price only. For visitors unable to access the second floor gallery, we have digital versions of exhibitions on iPads which are available on lower levels.

Plants Portrayed will take up two rooms of the gallery, side-by-side with another exhibition: For the Time Being.

Botanical illustration is a delicate combination of art and science: a true and lifelike representation of a plant that provides a visually striking image. Mottisfont’s exhibition showcases intricately detailed and colourful illustrations of flowers, leaves and trees – including some varieties that you’ll find out in the grounds, such as sweet chestnut.

The exhibition includes work by Pandora Sellars - one of the world’s most important and influential botanical painters - and her former student Masumi Yamanaka, now a renowned artist in her own right.

Pandora Sellars began to exhibit internationally in the early 1970s, and a highly successful solo exhibition was held at Kew in 1990; she was awarded a Gold medal by the RHS in 1977 in recognition of the excellence of her work. Mottisfont’s exhibition includes a number of the original artworks she was famous for, of the genus Arum.

Masumi Yamanaka studied under Pandora Sellars and soon began to show work at the RHS including a series of Camellias at the London Flower Show for which she was awarded a Silver-Gilt Medal, and was the recipient of a gold medal from the RHS in 2010. 

Plants Portrayed also includes works by Lucy Smith, Christabel King, Margaret Stones, Andrew Brown, Joanna Langhorne, Rachel Pedder-Smith and Ann Farrer.