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Red squirrel on Brownsea Island, Dorset
Looking down into St Mary's Vale, the Sugarloaf, Monmouthshire

Robert Penn on woodland 

Author Robert Penn talks about woodland: his favourite spots, why he likes exploring them in autumn and the challenges facing them today.

Diamond Spider, found by Lucy Stockton in Clumber Park

Rare Diamond spider discovered 

A spider presumed extinct in Britain for almost half a century has made a remarkable comeback, thanks to habitat restoration.

Our red squirrel ranger

What does a red squirrel ranger actually do? 

Meet our red squirrel ranger, Glen, who is in charge of food rations, keeping predators away and making traffic signs for road crossing squirrels.

Short Eared Owl

Six top migrant birds to see this autumn 

Thousands of birds return in autumn to spend their winters in Britain. Ecologist Peter Brash picks his top six birds to see at our places this autumn and winter.

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