Nature & wildlife

From ancient trees to butterflies and otters, our places are full of life. We're working hard to safeguard nature for years to come

A Grey seal pup at Blakeney National Nature Reserve, Norfolk
Children playing in autumn leaves that have dropped to the ground underneath a tree in the parkland

Join us in celebrating National Tree Week 

Running from 24 November to 2 December 2018, National Tree Week is the UK's largest tree celebration, annually launching the start of the winter tree planting season. Join us in paying tribute to these majestic giants and find out how you're helping protect trees and woods for ever, for everyone.

Seal pup and mother

Seal-spotting walks 

Grey seals start breeding in mid to late October, with the pupping season continuing right through until the end of November. We look after several places which are great for spotting these white-furred pups in autumn and winter.

The head of a male adder (Vipera berus)

Nature photography: a close up on adders 

Find out how Lumix cameras provided by our official photography partner, Panasonic, play a vital role in the protection of vulnerable populations of adders. Rob Coleman from Sheringham Park in Norfolk explains how he monitors these shy reptiles through photography.


Kidding around on Ventnor Downs

Convincing a herd of wild goats to go for a health check is no easy task. It took 20 National Trust staff and 73 volunteers an entire morning to round up all 21 Old English goats on Ventnor Downs on the Isle of Wight. Watch the team chase these elusive animals through 10ft-high blackthorn, bracken and brambles, and discover how the goats are helping protect the precious chalk grassland, home to the rare Adonis blue butterfly.

Our red squirrel ranger

What does a red squirrel ranger actually do? 

Meet red squirrel ranger, Glen, who is in charge of food rations, keeping predators away and making traffic signs for road crossing squirrels.

Two hedgehogs on the lawn at Arlington Court

Nine ways to make your garden more wildlife friendly 

You can follow in the footsteps of rangers and help save wildlife at home. Here are nine ways you can bring more nature to your garden.

Wildlife highlights

Row of lime trees at The Argory

A 25-year plan for nature 

We welcome the government's plan to protect, restore and enhance the natural environment over the next 25 years.

Find nature on your doorstep

Experience nature through the seasons and spot the UK's native species in their natural habitat