Nature & wildlife

From ancient trees to butterflies and otters, our places are full of life. We're working hard to safeguard nature for years to come

Enjoy a family walk through the parkland at Charlecote Park this spring
Hare in Camp Ground at Charlecote Park

Signs of spring 

From the gentle scent of blossom on the breeze to the sight of lambs springing across fields, all signs point to the arrival of spring. Pull on your boots and get outside to see nature wake up after winter.


A bee's life

Spotting bees buzzing around new flowers is one of the signs of spring being well and truly on its way. Have you ever wanted a bees-eye view of the world? In this video discover how bees see the world through a day in the life of a bee.

Young child running beside a row of blossom trees at Ardress House

Everyone needs nature 

More than ever, nature has been our source of comfort. Trees towering above us, serene coastal paths, the simplicity of a rushing stream and panoramic drama in the skies – these can answer our need for quiet and inspiration.

Meet the rangers safeguarding nature

Bumblebee nectaring on pink cherry blossom

Give back to nature 

More than ever before, nature has been our source of comfort during difficult times. But climate change is accelerating the decline of these green spaces. Nature gives us so much, donate today and help us protect these precious places and the wildlife that live there.

Thank you

Find nature on your doorstep

Experience nature through the seasons and spot the UK's native species in their natural habitat