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From ancient trees to bees and butterflies, our places are full of life. We're working hard to safeguard nature for years to come

A baby owl resting on a tree branch
Low autumn sun shining through trees across the lake at Wallington, Northumberland

Mapping archaeology to plant trees at Wallington  

We're using aerial mapping technology to identify areas to plant 75,000 trees at the Wallington Estate in Northumberland. The project, funded by the Government's Green Recovery Challenge Fund, is uncovering archaeological aspects of the landscape dating back to 2,000 BC. Find out more about how we're using this analysis to inform our work to tackle the effects of climate change.

The high beech canopy in summer

Our tree planting ambition 

Trees are the best natural armour we have against the climate crisis, so we're working hard to plant and establish 20 million of them by 2030. Discover how your support and working with partners is making all of this possible.

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