The views

Situated on the Cotswolds escarpment, the views from Newark Park are stunning. They get better and better the more you explore the estate.

The Cotswolds have been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1966, and feature beautiful landscapes and villages typefied by limestone houses. The Newark Park estate is situated on the Cotswold Edge, or the Cotswold Escarpment; this hilly environment is created by the tilting of the limestone layers, exposing the broken edge of the Cotswolds.

This is what created the intriguing landscapes at and around Newark Park, composed of rolling hills and steep paths. Newark House sits proudly on the top of the Cotswold Edge, and on a clear day its views reach as far as the Mendips.

But the views are just as impressive whilst exploring the Newark estate. Our three estate walks take you further down the estate where you have views back up towards the house, as well as further down the Ozleworth valley. And as we're a Cotswold estate you're likely to see many sheep on your walk, as well as other wildlife such as wild deer, badgers, toads, hares and many different species of birds, including birds of prey such as buzzards and red kites.