Managing the woods

Tree felling means that more light can get to the woodland floor

We've been working hard to restore the ancient woodland on the estate. The spruce trees that were planted as a crop to feed the timber industry have reached maturity and have been harvested.

The removal of the spruce trees has given us the opportunity to return the woodland back to its native character.


We're replanting with native broadleaved trees like wayfaring, spindle and field maple. The young trees will restore the character of the wood and create a more natural age structure. They'll also provide amazing colour.

A young tree

Support our work

Over 1,000 trees will be planted. Replanting so many trees isn't cheap. You can support the restoration of the woodland at Newark Park by making a donation. Just drop us an email and we'll tell you how you can donate.

Keeping the woods healthy

In woodlands, open space and fresh growth are vital. The removal of trees creates open spaces and makes room for young trees to grow. Newly cleared areas are good for young trees.

A well-balanced wood has trees of all ages.


Our job doesn't stop when we've planted the trees. They need a little TLC to give them the best start in life. Deer find them irresistible so until they're strong enough to look after themselves, we give them a helping hand with stakes and special deer-proof tree guards.

With so much to look after, we're always looking for more volunteer rangers to join the team.