Newark House water leak

Assessing the water damage

We've been able to open the first couple of rooms on the ground floor following a water leak that affected some of house last winter. After the initial salvage operation, we've now assessed the damage and are undertaking repair works to the remaining rooms.

During the severe winter storms in March, Newark House sadly suffered a water leak, damaging the East wing of the house. The cause of the leak was a burst pipe in the roof space, even though the affected pipes were modern and lagged appropriately.

What happened?

The leak happened in the early hours of the morning, with the estate already closed due to snow. Luckily we discovered the leak quickly, and with support from regional colleagues we managed to stop the leak, and salvage collection items and furniture at risk. Plumbers came in to assess the pipe system and repair all damaged pipes.

Salvage operation

The next task was to try and drain the water from the house as quickly as possible, and start the drying process. This was done by removing floorboards and some wallpapers, and specialist dehumidifiers were placed in affected rooms. Specialist vacuum cleaners were used to extract moisture from the cavities between the different floors. Furniture and collection items were assessed and moved to dry rooms, to minimise any risk of damage.

We assessed the condition of the house by measuring the humidity in individual rooms. With specialist equipment we also measured the moisture levels in the wooden beams and floorboards, and experts have surveyed the floors and ceilings, including the historic plasterwork. We've also had our archaeologist visiting us, who is doing further research on the history of the house, as he can see a lot more now floorboards have been taken up.

We're now progressing with the repairs although some rooms still remain closed.

What's open

We've so far been able to open most of the ground floor in Newark Park. The garden, estate walks and tea pavilion are also open as normal.

We'll continue to issue further updates as the repairs are completed.