The garden at Newark Park

View over Newark Park garden and estate

The garden is laid out over three levels. The lawns and the walled garden provide the perfect backdrop for Newark House.


Please book ahead before visiting 

The garden and estate at Newark Park is open and you’ll need to book your tickets by 3pm the day before your visit. Members can book for free, while non-members will need to pay when booking. We'll be releasing tickets every Friday. Please note we’ll be turning people away who arrive and haven't booked. We're looking forward to welcoming you back.

Around the garden

The Glade Walk takes you from the quirky folly to the rockery beneath Newark House. In contrast, the lakeside garden has a relaxing and romantic feel. You can sit and watch the ducks swimming on the small lake or venture into the charming, historic summerhouse. If you're after colour, the borders won't disappoint. The seasonal borders on the south terrace are real showstoppers and provide plenty of colour.


Seasonal highlights

If you're looking for the wow factor, there are many seasonal specials to look out for.

The floor is a carpet of white in February, as snowdrops peep their heads above the grass. A little later in spring, daffodils and tulips take over. The summer borders are always full of colour but autumn doesn't go unnoticed either. The delicate pink flowering cyclamens come into their own and put on one last show of colour before winter.

Lovely snowdrops on the lawn in front of Newark House
snowdrops in the garden at Newark Park
Lovely snowdrops on the lawn in front of Newark House

Perky peacocks

The peacocks that roam the garden are very friendly and love to call out to their friends. They live at Newark Park full time so you're almost certain to see one.


Lovely lawns

The lawn in front of the house has plenty of room for a picnic.