Geocaching at Nostell

A girl enjoys geocaching in the great outdoors

At Nostell, there are 22 caches hidden across the West Yorkshire parkland, stretching from Obelisk Lodge to Engine Wood. Up for a family outdoor adventure? See how many you can find.

What’s it all about?

A geocache or ‘cache’ is a small waterproof treasure box hidden outdoors. Geocachers (that’s you!) use a GPS enabled device to find these secret boxes, guided by coordinates or ‘waypoints’ – you can download these from the website or download a free geocaching app for Android or iPhone.

Wondering what treasures you’ll discover? You’ll find a log book in most boxes to leave a message for the next geocacher as well as all sorts of trinkets people have left for you to uncover. The rule is if you take a treasure, leave another in its place so remember to come prepared!

Give geocaching a go - what will you find?
GPS devices on a table
Give geocaching a go - what will you find?

At Nostell, you can hunt for treasure on any day using your own GPS device or smartphone. Or if you need a hand to get started, join one of our taster sessions with a geocaching expert. 

Head out on your own adventure

You can find step-by-step instructions to get started on the National Trust geocaching page below.

Top tips for geocaching at Nostell: 

  • The parkland stretches over 300 acres so we'd recommend planning which caches you’re going to search for before you set off
  • The loos are located in the courtyard – remember to go before you start hunting
  • Take some snacks! Bring your own adventurer pack-up or stop by the Courtyard Café to stock up on drinks, sandwiches, cakes and goodies for mini explorers 
  • Look out for wildlife on the way, from buzzards soaring over Obelisk Park and swans on the lakes to all sorts of bugs and creepy crawlies in the woodland and meadows
  • Don’t forget to fill in number 49 in your scrapbook of 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ and grab a sticker from the ticket office, gardens entrance or car park cabin

Learn from an expert

Look out for dates during school holidays when our local geocaching expert can show you the basics to get started. Or book on to a guided walk for a more hands-on introduction to joining the digital treasure hunt. Check out the what’s on page to find the next geocaching events.

Take your first steps on geocache hunt
Children enjoying an autumn geocache hunt
Take your first steps on geocache hunt