The house and collections at Nostell Priory

Nostell mansion from the East side

50 years, three generations, three architects and some of the greatest craftsmen of the Georgian age contributed to the creation of Nostell Priory; yet work was never quite finished.

Nostell Priory: a grand design

Nostell's creative heyday began when the young Sir Rowland Winn employed Robert Adam and Thomas Chippendale to create the sumptuous rooms still on display today. They spared no expense - until the money ran out and work ceased. However, family life went on, the Winns' fortunes revived with each generation adding to the richness of Nostell's story and collections.

Don't miss...

  • Nostell’s inspiring Robert Adam interiors.
  • The world-class collection of Chippendale furniture.
  • Paintings by Pieter Breughel the Younger, William Hogarth and Angelica Kauffman.
  • Intricate and beautiful 18th-century decorative plasterwork.
  • Wonderful sculptural works by Joseph Nollekens and Richard Wyatt.
  • The magnificent 18th-century dolls' house.
  • Stunning 18th-century pleasure grounds and gardens.
Discover the shine and splendour of Nostell's State Dining Room
The State Dining Room at Nostell

A historic house

Nostell Priory has a rich history from its time as a monastery, to its dissolution under Henry VIII and its transformation into a neo-classical masterpiece. Visit the timeline page at the link below to discover how the house spectacularly evolved in the 18th-century through the work of famous craftsmen with grand designs.
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Collection highlights

Nostell's mansion is brimming with masterpieces by leading artists and examples of exquisite craftmanship. Highlights include the John Harrison clock, Rowland Lockey's painting Sir Thomas More and his Family (the original version by Hans Holbein) and Chippendale's decorative chinoiserie furniture.

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Nostell's archives

Nostell Priory has an extensive archive which is cared for by the West Yorkshire Archive Service. The collection includes a fascinating array of letters, photos, plans, account books and much more.
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