People who made Nostell

Many hands have played a part in making Nostell what it is today. From the celebrated craftsmen and creators of the 18th century to the teams that still look after its collections and grounds so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

A portrait of James Paine the elder (front) and his son, James Paine the younger, by James Watson, 1764

James Paine 

James Paine was apparently only 19 when he began his first professional job overseeing the building of Nostell. His talent was finding practical ways of adapting the ancient Mediterranean-inspired architectural style of Palladianism to cope with the realities of a northern climate.

Portrait of architect Robert Adam

Robert Adam 

Robert Adam was a pioneering architect who brought the new Neo-classical style to Nostell’s interiors, ousting rival architect James Paine. Charming and persuasive, Adam had a very warm relationship with his client Rowland Winn, but their grand project was abruptly halted when Winn died in a carriage accident in 1785.

The State Dressing Room at Nostell, West Yorkshire

Thomas Chippendale 

Thomas Chippendale is celebrated as the "Shakespeare of furniture", one of the most influential furniture-makers and designers in English history. Discover his story, from humble beginnings to creating opulent interior worlds at Nostell in West Yorkshire.