Top Chippendale pieces at Nostell

Nostell's Chippendale collection showcases the full range of styles and designs that were fashionable in the 18th century. Here are the top treasures not to be missed as you explore the interior worlds on the first floor.

Japanned cabinet by Thomas Chippendale at Nostell, West Yorkshire

Japanned clothes press

Japanning was the Europeans' answer to oriental lacquer. A painstaking craft, this is one of the best examples of its kind. A rare glimpse inside this object reveals its original vibrant green colour.

Thomas Chippendale writing desk at Nostell, West Yorkshire

Library writing desk

This magnificent piece of mahogany is an early experiment in the new Neo-classical style. It was the most expensive item ordered by Rowland Winn and served as the centrepiece for his new library.

Chippendale writing and shaving desk at Nostell, West Yorkshire

Gentleman's writing and shaving desk

This seemingly ordinary desk houses an ingeniously constructed gentleman’s grooming set with original items such as razors and tongue scraper still inside! Explore the inner world of this artefact from Saturday 14 July 2018 onwards.

Chippendale wallpaper at Nostell, West Yorkshire

Chinoiserie wallpaper

Nostell's State apartment is decorated with the only surviving wallpaper supplied by Chippendale and imported from China. Chippendale created whole interiors to go with this rare and expensive commodity.

Chippendale mahogany clothes press at Nostell, West Yorkshire

Mahogany clothes press

A showpiece of solid mahogany, beautifully lined with marbled paper drawers, this serpentine clothes press was created for the lady of the house Sabine Winn.

Chippendale barometer at Nostell, West Yorkshire


This showpiece instrument is the only example of its kind by Chippendale. The mechanism was crafted by Justin Vulliamy, instrument maker to royalty.

The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director

The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director 

From May 2018 onwards, learn how Chippendale shook up the world of high end furniture design with this ground-breaking publication and how it launched his career. Discover how this book also helped make ‘Chippendale’ a household name today.

Chippendale bed in the State Dressing Room at Nostell, West Yorkshire

State bed 

Elaborately upholstered beds like this were one of the impressive and most expensive things a great 18th century show-house could boast.

This chair is based on a design in Chippendale's 'Director' on display at Nostell, West Yorkshire.


This chair has a finely carved serpentine top rail, straight from the design in Chippendale's 'Director'. Only the legs differ from the printed richly carved cabriole design.

Chilrd's chair by Thomas Chippendale, Nostell, West Yorkshire.

Child's Chair

Small but perfect, this chair for a child was ordered and completed in 1771. According to the records this is one of the two child's chairs ordered by Rowland Winn.