50 things activities to do at home

Even though we're all at home, there are plenty of ways to have a go at the '50 things to do before you're 11 ¾'. Your garden can be an amazing place to discover wildlife and you can always bring the outside in, from building a living room den to watching birds from your window. We've chosen our top six - click on the links to download your own activity sheets (double points for big kids that join in too!) and find lots more ideas at the bottom of the page.

Family in a den in Joiners Wood

No. 4 Build a den

Get creative with den building indoors or in your garden. You'll be surprised how many great building materials you can find in the house or shed. From drying racks and camping chairs to towels and blankets, you can make a snuggly hideaway - the perfect place for stories, games and snack time.

A wild art rainbow

No 30. Go on a scavenger hunt

There are all sorts of challenges you can set yourself in your home and outside space. 10 minutes to find as many yellow objects as possible? Look for objects that are square? Spark your creativity and see if you can make some artwork with your findings.

A bug hotel

No 36. Make a home for a wild animal

Build a wildlife hotel with what you can find around your home. It can be as big as a pallet or as small as a plant pot. We need more insects, as they pollinate plants, clear debris and are a good food source for lots of birds and mammals.

Mistle thrush at Nostell near Wakefield

No 44. Watch a bird

Open the window and close your eyes, can you hear any birds singing. What do they sound like? Can you sing along? If you’ve got a feeder or bird table, put out some bird seed or food scraps and see who turns up for a garden feast.

Tortoiseshell butterfly at Nostell, Wakefield

No 43. Help a wild animal

Lots of organisations need help recording the species you see at home. This might be because species are declining due to habitat loss, moving to new areas due to climate change, or are a spreading invasive species. Can you help with these surveys? Remember to read the rules and identification guides first.

Bug hunting

No 31. Make friends with a bug

There are lots of good hidey holes for marvellous minibeast in your garden. Logs or stones are great for centipedes, ants and beetles. You might spot woodlice, slugs and earwigs under plantpots. If you don't have a garden, could you draw or paint some of your favourite creepy crawlies? Maybe you could invent some new ones!