Ellie's week at Nunnington Hall

Ellie's week of work experience at Nunnington Hall

This summer the team at Nunnington Hall were lucky enough to be chosen by Ellie for her work experience placement. Find out more about Ellie's week away from school as she steps towards the world of work.

"Hello, my name Ellie. As part of the year 10 curriculum, my school gives students (aged 14-15) the opportunity to leave classes and assist in a workplace for a ‘work experience’ week. This is designed to provide students like myself, with a better understanding of what the world of work is really like! It also offers the opportunity of new experiences and to understand the qualifications needed to continue down our chosen career paths.

I am currently studying history for my GCSEs, and I intend to pursue a career related to heritage. For this reason I chose to complete my week of work experience at local National Trust house, Nunnington Hall.

My whole family are members of the National Trust and after many enjoyable visits; it encouraged me to spend a week working and find out more about Nunnington Hall. The property has a long and interesting history, and offered me a chance to see how historical buildings are run and conserved, as well as the opportunity to find out about the careers available within the National Trust.

Over the course of my week, I assisted staff and volunteers with: retail in the shop and second hand book store, room stewarding, visitor welcome, customer service, visitor experience and event planning, house conservation, and overall property co-ordination. A long list of jobs and opportunities, many I had never considered before I started my week.

As well as being able to improve my social skills and confidence, I was also able to learn more about the history of the building and the conservation efforts to care for the house.

I was helped along the way with small tasks by very supportive members of the team. All the staff and volunteers I met were very friendly and knowledgeable, and each advised me in the available careers and the qualifications I might need for a future career within the heritage sector. It was a very fun and friendly environment to work in, and the staff and volunteers are clearly a close team.

Having had the opportunity to experience a short career working at Nunnington Hall it has provided me with a clearer view of a working life and a new idea of what I’d like to do once I’ve finished my education. I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated the help the staff at Nunnington Hall have given me and I’d be happy to volunteer here later on in life."