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Exhibitions at Nunnington Hall

British Wildlife Photography Awards Exhibition at Nunnington Hall
Nunnington hosts a changing programme of exhibitions all year round | © National Trust

Nunnington Hall hosts a programming of changing exhibitions throughout the year. Recently we have welcomed established artists, photographers, illustrators and sculptors alongside new artists and community groups to display their work in the gallery. Discover what's on now and plan ahead for future exhibitions later in the year.

Current Exhibition - British Wildlife Photography Awards

Saturday 18 May - Sunday 7 July

The British Wildlife Photography Awards celebrates the diversity of British wildlife and wild spaces through a collection of inspirational photographs and films.

Established in 2009, the awards celebrate both the work of amateur and professional photographers. Winning images are selected from thousands of entries in fifteen categories, including a category for film and two junior categories, to encourage young people to connect with nature through photography. The exhibition showcases the best of our nature world and raises awareness about British biodiversity, species, and habitats.

An Arctic walrus rests on a harbour slipway in Scarborough
What's All The Fuss About? An Arctic walrus rests on a harbour slipway in Scarborough, North Yorkshire | © BWPA/Will Palmer

Upcoming exhibitions at Nunnington Hall

Ada Grey, Splat! Patter! Plop! (13 July - 8 September 2024)

Experience a unique children's illustration exhibition like no other this summer at Nunnington Hall. Dive into a world where the hilarity of 'poo' takes centre stage in many captivating stories.

Ada Grey, is a skilled illustrator renowned for her engaging and visually delightful children's tales, always adds a comical twist to her creations. Among her notable works are picture books such as ‘Poo in the Zoo,’ ‘Great Poo Mystery,’ ‘Island of Dinosaur Poo,’ and ‘Super Pooper Road Race.’

Ada's illustrations are characterised by their vibrant colours, lively characters, and meticulous attention to detail, all of which breathe life into her stories on the page. For the first time, this exhibition showcases illustrations of some of Ada's most beloved characters, including Bob McGrew and Hector Gloop, while also featuring iconic moments from her favourite stories.

Children visiting the exhibition will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Ada's books, drawing inspiration to create their own characters. They can then proudly display their creations in the ‘Poop-a-Doodle’ gallery for all to enjoy. It's a chance for young imaginations to soar and for families to share in the joy of storytelling and creativity.

Ada Grey illustration in children's book Poo in the Zoo
Ada Grey's illustrative work in the hugely popular Poo in the Zoo books | © Ada Grey

A Yorkshire Year (14 September - 15 December 2024)

There is no denying that 'God's own County of Yorkshire' offers a rich tapestry of inspiration for artists. 'A Yorkshire Year,' showcases a diverse collection of seasonal landscape images crafted by two distinct yet complementary Yorkshire artists—Robert Dutton from Nunnington, North Yorkshire, and Andrew Moodie from Harrogate. Both artists have journeyed across the breadth of the region, capturing the varied and distinctive landscapes that hold a special place in their hearts and provides endless inspiration in all types of weather and throughout the seasons.

Robert Dutton is celebrated for his distinctive and dramatic artistic interpretation of the untamed expanses of Yorkshire, spanning from meandering freshwater rivers and hidden woodlands to the stark beauty of the Moors. In contrast, Andrew Moodie directs his attention to the undulating valleys of The Yorkshire Dales, as well as intimate valleys and coastal villages. Each artist brings a unique story to their creations, and as the saying goes, a painting can speak a thousand words. This exhibition promises to be a captivating almanac, offering a glimpse into the captivating narratives woven by these talented individuals.

Painting of Autumn glow Caukley Bank to Hovingham by Robert Dutton
A Yorkshire Year is an exhibition of Yorkshire artists, Robert Dutton and Andrew Moodie. Inspired by 'God's own County'. | © National Trust

All exhibitions are on display in the gallery, on the top floor of the Hall. The gallery is open during normal opening hours and standard admission applies, there is no extra charge to visit the gallery.

Two visitors stood on the Drawing Room balcony overlooking the garden at Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire

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