Art and Exhibitions at Nunnington Hall

Cause & Effect at Nunnington Hall

Enjoy a variety of high profile art and photography exhibitions throughout the year in our attic gallery and the hall. Celebrating the best of national works and local artists.

Cause & Effect

19 February - 3 July

Explore the geography and rich wildlife of the River Rye through a new art exhibition in partnership with North York Moors National Park, Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the 'Ryevitalise' Landscape Partnership. New films show the social history of the river's local area and photography and artwork by John Arnison and Paula Hickey are on display. 

The Ryedale landscape has been shaped by the River Rye and its people over millennia. In this exhibition visitors can hear from people whose lives are affected by the river and explore artist’s responses to the Rye. People are intrinsically drawn to water - it is vital to our existence. We look to it not just through necessity but also for recreation. Rivers also have the power to devastate. In nature there is constant interaction between materials, processes, form, time and space. If we alter any of these the river adjusts accordingly: cause and effect.  

John’s images capture the beauty of water in motion and evoke the sense of awe we feel in it’s powerful presence. He has also photographed some of the people whose lives are directly connected to the river, capturing them within their immediate environment.  

Paula’s work also visualises the beauty and liveliness of the river and the patterns it makes. She hopes to generate a felt response akin to the experience of being in the presence of water. 

Join in with workshops, talks and hands-on activities running alongside the exhibition (dates to be confirmed). 

Paula Hickey, Cause & Effect
Paula Hickey, artist
Paula Hickey, Cause & Effect

Creatures of Curiosity

16 July - 4 September

Local folklore will be on show this summer, focusing on the Kirkdale caves and the Nunnington dragon with other stories incorporating elements taken from local folklore. 

Based on a range of real and mythological creatures from the Ryedale area, this exciting exhibition pulls together history, archaeology, science and folklore. The real creatures are themselves in some ways fantastical – creatures that lived here during the Ice Age, including mammoths, hyenas, and giant deer. It’s a great opportunity to explore how local myths were created and how even real stories can take on mythical status.

Images of original artwork by children’s author and illustrator Tim Hopgood and sensory textile creations by Wanda Hopgood based on Tim’s illustrations will showcase the story of the Kirkdale Caves. The exhibition will also feature artwork by children from local schools. 

Please check back for further information about our 2022 exhibitions. 


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