Exhibitions at Nunnington Hall

Nunnington Hall Ryedale school art exhibition

From breathtaking photography exhibitions to gift exhibitions inspired by Christmas, there's something to intrigue everyone at our special place.

At Nunnington we're known for our varied and high profile art and photography exhibitions shown in our attic gallery. This year we've enjoyed a wide range of exhibitions including the illuminating works by local artists, the ever popular British Wildlife Photography Awards and national children's literature illustrators.

Coming in 2018

Saturday 10 February – Sunday 25 March 
‘The Gadget King’ – Heath Robinson

Though a highly versatile artist, William Heath Robinson (1872-1944) was dubbed the ‘Gadget King’ in his own lifetime, and has remained synonymous with ridiculously complicated machines and inventions.

His cartoons reflect a very English response to progress, and particularly the technological developments of the early twentieth century, in both war and peace. They portray his compatriots as engaged in highly unlikely tasks, which they accomplish in an earnest and painstaking manner. His love of detail and his feeling for landscape provide a believable context for the most bizarre activities, and make the drawings all the more entertaining. 

This exhibition is kindly presented by the Chris Beetles Gallery.

Well thought out and nearly successful
Heath Robinson
Heath Robinson
Heath Robinson

Saturday 31 March – Sunday 13 May 
A Sense of Place – the National Trust in the North

From idyllic coastal views and romantic ruins to great houses, the National Trust cares for some of Britain’s greatest heritage gems. This special exhibition brings together four Yorkshire artists and their favourite views at many much-loved places. Using a range of media and styles, Paul Blackwell, Anne Thornhill, Susan Morton and Peter Hicks, all members of the Whitby Art Society bring to life charismatic architecture and splendid views from places across the North East, capturing iconic sites, as well lesser known views. Enjoy seeing some of your favourite places in a new light, brought to life on paper and canvas through contrasting styles, media and inspiration. 

The abandoned game By Anne Thornhill
Nunnington Hall by Anne Thornhill
Dunstanburgh Castle by Anne Thornhill
By Anne Thornhill


Saturday 19 May – Sunday 15 July
British Wildlife Photography Awards

This highly acclaimed exhibition returns for another year. The BWPA awards reveal both the work of amateur and professional photographers, celebrating British wildlife, in all its beauty and diversity, through a collection of inspirational photographs. See the winning images from thousands of entries in fifteen separate categories including Wild Woods, Botanical Britain, Animal Behaviour and a special category for film. An aim of the competition is to also raise awareness of British biodiversity, species and habitats, while engaging young people with nature through special junior photographer categories.  As always, the exhibition is one not to be missed!

Andrew Parkinson 'Crepuscular Contentment'
BWPA winning image
Ben Hall 'Wren on Frost En-crusted Fern'
BWPA winning image

Tuesday 26 June – Sunday 7 October
Bronze Sculptures by Lloyd Le Blanc and Judith Holmes Drewry 

Explore the beautiful work of two spectacular sculptors, as you wander through the Nunnington Garden. Brought to life through the idyllic setting, this special collection of life size bronze sculptures exhibits life at its most tranquil, capturing the most innocent of moments of everyday life.

Lloyd Le Blanc sculptures largely focus on water and landscape features of indigenous and exotic birds and animals. His extensive knowledge of bronze casting, gives his work huge scope.
Judith Holmes Drewry was foremost a figure sculptor. Judith’s main interest was of the human figure, mainly of young women and children. These figures are often observed in private, reflective moments. 

Scarecrow by Le Blanc Fine Art
Bronze Sculpture by Le Blanc Fine Art
Boy Reading by Le Blanc Fine Art
Bronze sculpture by Le Blanc Art

Saturday 21 July – Sunday 16 September
Brick Flicks LEGO

From Wayne's World to West Side Story, The Matrix to Mary Poppins, and Laurel & Hardy to the Life of Pi, Brick Flicks is an exhibition of some of the most iconic and memorable film moments of all time recreated by Warren Elsmore, the well-known artist in LEGO bricks. Each familiar scene has been carefully photographed to mimic the staging and lighting of the original movie, but with the scenery, actors and actresses recreated with everyone's favourite building blocks. How many can you recognise - without reading the captions?

Brick Flicks LEGO
Brick Flicks exhibition
Brick Flicks LEGO
Brick Flicks LEGO

Saturday 22 September – Sunday 4 November 
Watercolour Wonders by David Birtwhistle

David Birtwhistle is a British artist who works primarily in watercolour, and well-known for his picturesque depictions of historic architecture and landscapes. Particularly his interpretations of many National Trust properties across the country, including Nunnington Hall and Rievaulx Terrace. 

Since his first exhibition, in Greenwich, 1970, his work has appeared in galleries up and down the land, in his own exhibitions and with societies such as the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours and the Society of Architect-Artists of which he was a Fellow.

Enjoy to the chance to view a large selection of original work of various themes and inspiration, created throughout a lifelong passion for art. The exhibition will also include a selection of open reproduction and limited edition prints available to buy. 

Up and down at Scarborough
Painting of Scarborough by David Birtwhiste
The Green in Sedgefield
Painting of York city by David Birtwhistle

Saturday 17 November – Sunday 16 December (weekends only)
Art for Christmas – Community Exhibition

The Art for Christmas exhibition is a creative platform for artists to showcase a mixed media of work covering a variety of subjects including: local life, landscape, nature and wildlife. Previously pieces have included paintings, photography, wood carving and embroidery. The exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate wonderful arts and crafts from Yorkshire and beyond.

Over the years the exhibition has received a large number of entries. Each artist is welcome to submit up to three pieces for consideration and the staff and volunteers at Nunnington Hall then have the difficult task of selecting around fifty final pieces for display.

All submissions must be received by Sunday 7 October and the successful applicants will be notified within five days. Artwork will need to be delivered to the property by Sunday 4 November. All profits will contribute towards the conservation care of Nunnington Hall and its collection.

If you would like the opportunity to be involved, please download and complete the submission form.  Art for Christmas submission form 2018 (PDF / 0.0771484375MB) download

The Art for Christmas exhibition will be open each weekend from Saturday 17 November until Sunday 16 December, 10.30am – 4pm.

'Timeless' by Philip Stuttard in the Art for Christmas exhibition
Nunnington Hall Art for Christmas exhibition

Previous exhibitions....

British Wildlife Photography Awards

Celebrating the winning entries of this prestigious national photographic competition celebrating the diversity of the natural history of the British Isles.

Aspects of Rievaulx

This intriguing and innovative exhibition revealed the many facets of Rievaulx Terrace, and the ruined Abbey below. Showcasing the work of local artists; Peter Hicks, Anne Thornhill, Sue Morton and Paul Blackwell. 
Each artist captures these iconic landmarks through diverse styles and media exposing the natural beauty of the Terrace landscape and woodland vistas, as well as the architectural design of the Abbey. Powerful and moving, this collection reveals the artistic balance that exists between conservation of the landscape and of the ancient structures amidst it.

Nine lives - the best of cat art

Another artistic exhibition from the Chris Beetles Gallery presents exquisite illustrations by renowned artists including Kathleen Hale, Lesley Anne Ivory, Debbie Faulkner-Stevens, Geraldine Girvan and the great Louis Wain. 


Serena Partridge miniature world

The intricate and stunning work of local artist Serena Partridge shared her beautiful fantasy miniature world items. This magical exhibition captivated visitors and brought well known fairy-tale stories to life.

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