Exhibitions at Nunnington Hall

Art exhibition at Nunnington Hall by Serena Patridge

From award winning national photography collections to amazing animal physiology reconstructions, and garden sculpture exhibitions, there's something to intrigue everyone at Nunnington Hall this year.

British Wildlife Photography Awards
Saturday 18 May – Sunday 7 July

This highly acclaimed exhibition returns for another year.

The BWPA awards reveal both the work of amateur and professional photographers, celebrating British wildlife, in all its beauty and diversity, through a collection of inspirational photographs. See the winning images from thousands of entries in fifteen separate categories including Wild Woods, Botanical Britain, Animal Behaviour and a special category for film. The competition also raises awareness of British biodiversity, species and habitats, while engaging young people with nature through special junior photographer categories.  As always, the exhibition is one not to be missed!

Neil McIntyre, Winter Red Squirrel
A winning entry for Bitish Wildlife Photography Awards
Neil McIntyre, Winter Red Squirrel

Birds and Beasts - David Cooke
Tuesday 25 June – Sunday 15 September

Inspired by the birds and beasts of the natural world, this special ceramic and bronze sculpture exhibition can be found within the organic environment of the Nunnington garden.
Yorkshire based sculptor David Cooke has been a professional wildlife artist since graduating in 1992 from Leeds Metropolitan University and has always been inspired by the shapes and patterns within the natural world. Each piece aims to capture the quirky characteristics of the subject - such as ammonites, dinosaurs and gorillas, but tended to specialise in reptiles and birds.

Barn owl
David Cooke wildlife sculpture
Barn owl

Bare bones
Saturday 13 July – Sunday 15 September

The first vertebrates appeared 525 million years ago. Since then they have evolved into a vast array of animals of all shapes and sizes. From the tiny Papua New Guinea frog which measures only 7.7mm in length to the blue whale which grows to over 30 metres. ‘Bare Bones’, explores the form and function of the skeleton in animal physiology. This family-friendly exhibition looks at the adaptation and the evolution of species by examining skeletal anatomy.

Visitors can get up close to the intricate skeletons of a large Burmese python and marvel at its hundreds of ribs, a wallaby in mid run and the delicate bones of a crow, a meerkat, coypu, and a sheep.

The displays have been produced by Blue Tokay Ltd, specialists in natural history exhibitions.

Amazing wildlife up close
Bare Bone exhibition
Amazing wildlife up close

Robert E Fuller – Wildlife on the Yorkshire Wolds
Saturday 21 September – Sunday 3 November

Robert E Fuller is one of Britain’s foremost wildlife artists. Painting in acrylics and oils, his highly-detailed realistic style is easily recognisable.

Since moving to Fotherdale Farm on the Yorkshire Wolds twenty years ago, much of his work has been inspired by the abundance of wildlife on his doorstep. He goes to extraordinary lengths to accurately reflect the behaviour and character of his wild subjects – and spends months in the field painstakingly studying a particular animal or bird before settling down to paint it back in his studio.

The exhibition tells the stories of the kestrels, weasels, stoats and owls that have made Fotherdale Farm their home and includes a collection of new original paintings of owls and birds spotted in Roberts’s garden, alongside some of his favourite limited edition prints.

Robert E Fuller exhibition