Explore the garden at Nunnington Hall

Nunnington Hall from the main lawn

The garden at Nunnington Hall is the perfect place to enjoy this summer. Peaceful hidden spots, lush bright borders, colourful peacocks and laden fruit trees offer a great day out.

Wander through the mixed herbaceous boarders, fruit orchards full of apples, pears and plums and sit awhile in the rose garden for their heady scent at the height of summer.

The garden is fully accessible for all visitor with gravelled paths and grassed slopes

Living organically

Our garden has been managed fully organically since 2002, reviving traditional horticultural methods whilst also embracing modern techniques and technology. You can see much of this work in practice as you explore the garden. This includes such things as a four-bay composting system, a wormery, fruit cages and an organic vegetable patch.

Each year we also pack sheep fleece around the base of our young fruit trees which acts as a fantastic organic mulch. Not only does it suppress the weed growth and help the soil to retain moisture, but slowly releases nutrients directly to the tree roots as the fleece decays. Not to mention the birds, mice and bumble-bees enjoy the opportunity of collecting luxurious bedding for their nests.

New beginnings

Spring is starting to appear in the garden. Winter Aconites bring a welcome ray of sunshine to the borders and snowdrops are beginning to emerge. Soon the fruit trees in the orchard will blossom and bring an array of colours to the garden. 

Relax by the river

The garden sits alongside the River Rye which plays host to much wildlife. Spend a while by the river and you may just catch a glimpse of brown trout, otters, kingfishers and swans.

Grab a bite to eat or bring a picnic

The tea-garden by the river is open daily for hot and cold drinks, sweet treats and light lunches. We welcome picnics throughout the main garden so sit back and relax.

Summer hay making in the fruit orchard
Summer hay making at Nunnington Hall
Summer hay making in the fruit orchard