Family summer fun at Nunnington Hall

Summer fun in the garden

Enjoy nature and magic inspired adventures this Summer.

Just so you know

This article was created before the coronavirus crisis, and may not reflect the current situation. Please make sure you check web pages for individual places before you travel, for booking details and the most up to date information about visiting.

Nunnington Hall is chock full of adventure this summer with events and activities to suit all ages. Cilck here to download a handy summer fun family activity calendar.

Bare bones – family friendly exhibition
Saturday 13 July – Sunday 15 September

Check out the Bare Bones exhibition and get up close to skeletons from the likes of the Burmese python, a wallaby in mid run, and the delicate bones of a crow. ‘Bare Bones’, explores the form and function of the skeleton in animal physiology. This family-friendly exhibition looks at the adaptation and the evolution of species by examining skeletal anatomy.
The displays have been produced by Blue Tokay Ltd, specialists in natural history exhibitions.

Get closer that evert to natural history
Bare Bones Blue Tokay exhibition
Get closer that evert to natural history

Get outdoors and closer to nature

Get out in the garden with our weekly Wild Wednesdays and Fossil Fridays each afternoon, have a dig in our mini archaeology sandpit and follow the Dino Discovery Trail.

Summer of sports

Come out to play with our ‘Summer of Sport’ activities 12pm – 4pm on selected days:

Monday - Wild races
Run like a cheetah, jump like a kangaroo, gallop like a horse or why not waddle like a penguin?

Tuesday - Catch and throw games
Use your hand-to-eye coordination with badminton and volleyball and have a go at shooting hoops into our net.

Thursday - Super senses archery
Try your hand at archery. Aim is key, but how easy is it without some of your senses?

Friday - Family yoga
Find your inner cobra, fish or cat out on the lawn with mini yoga sessions.

Test your aim with archery
Summer of sports activities
Test your aim with archery