Summer fun for all ages at Nunnington Hall

Summer fun in the garden

Enjoy nature inspired adventures this Summer, get active with games in the garden, and enjoy moments of mindfulness.

Nunnington Hall is chock full of adventure this summer with events and activities to suit all ages. 

Catherine Rayner and company – family friendly exhibition
Saturday 17 July – Sunday 5 September

Step into a world of adventure, fun and mischief and meet Arlo the Lion, Abigail the Giraffe, Olga de Polga the Guinea pig, Solomon the Crocodile and many more. These fun and colourful characters are the creation of award-winning author and illustrator Catherine Rayner. Growing up in West Yorkshire, her surrounds and life in the outdoors still inspires much of her work today. Through beautiful original drawings, paintings and prints come and meet some of Catherine’s favourite animal friends. Read about their adventures in the story books and get creative with activity sheets and step by step drawing guides to recreate your favourite characters. Step outdoors into nature to find more characters with our fun family trail in the garden, who knows what adventures they might get up to!


Catherine Rayner exhibition at Nunnington Hall
Catherine Rayner exhibition at Nunnington Hall 2021
Catherine Rayner exhibition at Nunnington Hall

Good for the body, good for the soul

Saturday 17 July - Sunday 5 September

Get active with games in the garden, then head up to the cutting garden for a moment of mindfulness. Why not borrow or buy a book from our cutting garden bookshop to read whilst you're there? There's deckchairs on the main lawn too, and the tea-garden is open for ice cream!

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11am-3pm
Try your hand at archery - will you be able to hit the bullseye?

Use your hand-to-eye coordination with badminton and quoits, try to bowl over your friends and family with your impressive skittle skills and enjoy a game of croquet on the lawn. 

Sunday 8 August and Wednesday 18 August, 12pm-2pm

Adventures for the Soul will be leading outdoor yoga and sensory walks around Nunnington Hall. Book in to a slot when you arrive at Visitor Reception and get ready to have fun and relax. 

Saturday 14 August, 11am-12pm

Head to the main lawn for drop in Tai Chi sessions. 

Lishi is a Holistic, Yin/Yang, Full body, Daoist system. Using scientific theory based on traditional Chinese exercises to enhance your life.

The classes cover Dao yin breathing, Kai men (Chinese yoga) and the Lee Family Tai chi forms (focused movement that help with balance).

Other advantages of practicing Lishi include: Reducing stress and anxiety, aiding the body naturally detox, long calming breaths, light & gentle movements, a feeling of happiness.

The Thornton le Dale class normally meet on Saturday mornings in the village hall, from 9am to 10.30am.

For further information on how to join us, contact Phil on 07921100188 or e mail

You can learn more about Lishi at or

Test your aim with archery
Summer of sports activities
Test your aim with archery

Outdoor yoga and sensory walks

Adventures for the soul will be hosting events in the garden at Nunnington Hall this summer. 

You'll start with an hours gentle, grounding yoga practise. Then you'll head off on a sensory nature walk. You'll be able to switch off and slow down. Pause and take time out for you while you listen to beautiful bird call. Smell fragrant flowers. See nature up-close in all its myriad of colour, shapes and patterns. This experience will leave you feeling more alive, super-chilled yet invigorated.

Tickets are £25pp, booking essential. As part of your ticket you will get free entrance to the hall, garden and exhibition.

Click here to book your tickets and for more information

Alison will also be running pop up sessions during the summer - keep an eye out for dates and times. 


Outdoor Yoga with Adventures for the Soul
Outdoor Yoga
Outdoor Yoga with Adventures for the Soul

Flutterbies and creepy crawlies

Wednesday 11 & 25 August, 12pm-2pm

Get up close and personal with nature at Nunnington Hall. Pick up a magnifying glass and see what creepy crawlies you can find. Head to our Buzz Border for a game of bee bingo and discover what plants pollinators like the most. You can also get some tips from the Nunnington garden team to help nature at home. 

Bee hive in the fruit orchard at Nunnington Hall
Bee hive in the fruit orchard at Nunnington Hall
Bee hive in the fruit orchard at Nunnington Hall

Making a house a home

100 years ago the architect Walter Brierley helped make Nunnington Hall into the family home it is today. Pick up a trail in the Smoking Room to find out more about the changes as you travel round the hall.

There's as Assistant Architect trail too - Walter Brierley needs your help! Can you help him find his tools around the hall? Then head up to the top floor to design your own Nunnington Hall, and vote for which job you would have liked to do 100 years ago .