Come out to play

Hunting for bugs

With the Summer holidays comes a chance to spend some time together to get outside. The garden at Overbeck's is the perfect place to begin.

Calling all little explorers for summer time fun.  

Which pathway will you explore first to track down the bugs hiding in the undergrowth?  Can you find your way to the Banana garden where the huge leaves of the banana trees wave about like giant hands? There are sure to be some bugs hiding here, but you will need to watch carefully as they scurry about.

This is just one of the 50 things you can do in your wild adventure scrapbook.  Ask a grown up to take you to our reception and they will give you your very own scrapbook so you can get started. You can take it with you to any National Trust place to tick off your adventures as you go.

Clipboards and trail papers at the ready

We have our very own bug hunt and bird spotting trails to help you along the way.

Hunting for bugs
Hunting for bugs

Good luck and have fun!