Conservatory of Curiosities

Overbecks statue base

The garden team often come across 'curious' objects as they go about their work. Digging up weeds can often lead to some surprising finds.

Natural History un-earthed in the garden

It’s not all trees and flowers that get the attention form the garden team at Overbeck’s.

This year the team are creating a ‘Conservatory of Curiosities’ in the old Orange tree store located in the Banana garden. This space will be used to add items to as the year progresses and new things are found.

While digging, weeding and planting they often come across interesting things that they would like to share with you.  Such as, pieces of stone statuee that once stood in the garden, seeds, shells, nests and much more that make up the curiosities of man and nature in this seven acre listed garden.

Also on display will be exotic planting from across the globe.

 If you haven’t visited Overbeck’s before you’re in for a treat. Carved into the cliff side 80m above the sea, Overbeck’s Garden overlooks the Salcombe estuary.  Its extraordinary position provides breath-taking views and provides the perfect environment for a diverse range plants to flourish. To walk around the garden at Overbeck’s is like being transported to far and distant lands.

In the upper parts of the garden you would be forgiven for thinking you were in the Mediterranean as you look across the blue sea to the golden sands of Mill Bay and Sunny Beach Cove. The planting also attempts to fool the senses; sun loving plants are happy here and many fill the air with aromatic scents such as Lavender, Rosemary and Citrus.

As you descend into the lower parts of the garden you enter very different, subtropical world, with large lush foliage of Bananas, Palms and Bamboos. Brightly coloured exotic flowers compete for your attention; Ginger lilies, Canna lilies and Salvias to name a few.

The dappled shade of the woodland garden offers a peaceful place for rest. The subtle tones of moss covered rocks and Japanese Acers create a calm atmosphere that contrasts the rest of the garden.