Easter fun in the garden

Yuki Gakoi shelters

Children can collect the trail from reception and imagine being a plant hunter who has arrived in Japan. Time now to explore and find eight key Japanese plants located around the garden.

Rooted in Japan

Yuki Gakoi

On the journey around the garden look out for ‘Yuki Gakoi’ Japanese style shelters. The garden team at Overbeck’s have been experimenting using the same technique to build frameworks by using bamboo gathered here plus thatching type straw.  The black twine that binds the structure together is from Japan and is made from the fibres that cover the trunks of Chusan Palms (Trachycarpus fortune) the same tall palms you see growing around you at Overbeck’s.

Once you have completed the trail don’t forget to make your way into the house to see the ‘Rooted in Japan’ exhibition.  Discover more about the Japanese plants growing at Overbeck’s. Advice on cloud pruning and looking after Hydrangea and Wisteria. Display of Japanese gardening tools. Pop-up Bonsai display (various dates). Self-guided origami crafting area.

Look out for Japanese themed food and drink in the tea-room plus gifts and books in the shop.