Meet the gardener at Overbeck's

Garden maze at Overbeck's in Salcombe, South Devon

Pick the brains of our garden team on one of our Wednesday garden tours. A chance to learn more about the garden and the amazing collection planted in this Mediterranean micro-climate by the sea.

Micro-climate by the sea

You will have a chance to ask questions as you wander through the garden taking in each special area as you go.  We have The Statue Garden, once the tennis court, planted as a 'formal' area with The Secret garden just beyond with a very fine Canary Palm to keep you shaded.  The Upper Gardens include The Gazebo Garden with a sweeping view across to Salcombe estuary and The Rock Dell, which as it name suggests, is set into the rock of the hillside.

Onwards to the Banana Garden, where, yes, you will indeed find bananas but not to eat.  This is the most sheltered part of the garden where you will also find our very own Magnolia campbelii 'Overbeck's'  this magnificent tree was planted in 1901.

The Palm Garden and Woodland Garden will each tell its own story with palms, grasses and much more to keep you asking questions as you go.

Bring along your notebook to jot down those top tips to help you create your own little bit of paradise.