The house at Overbeck's

The rejuvenator at Overbeck's, Sharpitor, Devon where the scientist Otto Overbeck lived from 1928 until 1937

Once the home of eccentric inventor and collector, Otto Overbeck, you can hear the sound of the polyphon and see Otto's electrical rejuvenator, which was all the rage from the 1920s through to the 1940s.


The polyphon

This wonderful music box is one of our most popular exhibits. You can choose a 'disc' to listen to.  We play the Polyphon four times a day, so there are plenty of opportunities to listen to this byegone music machine.

The rejuvenator

The 'supreme' model of the 'Overbeck Rejuvenator'. This would have cost £12 in 1930, equivalent to about £350 today. We have a number of different models on display.

Drawing room

Take a seat to admire the garden through the large bay window.  This room is beautifully presented in the Edwardian era style to reflect the period.

Find Fred

Many generations of children have had great fun looking for Fred our friendly ghost. Can you help us to find him? If you can, you can collect your badge on the way out.