The museum at Overbeck's

Martime room houses some fine model boats and shipping ephemerae

Once the home of eccentric inventor and collector, Otto Overbeck, the house is full of his diverse collections including natural history specimens and his art. You will also hear the sound of the polyphon and see Otto's electrical rejuvenator, which was all the rage from the 1920s through to the 1940s.

Find Fred

Many generations of children have had great fun looking for Fred our friendly ghost. He hides in the secret room. Can you help us to find him? If you can, you will be given a certificate and a sticker.

The polyphon

Otto heard the polyphon playing in a local pub and acquired it in exchange for a wind-up gramophone and £5. This wonderful music box is one of our most popular exhibits.

Leonard Rosoman

A painting by Leonard Rosoman of Otto Overbeck using his rejuvenator. This painting was commissioned by the National Trust in the 1990s.

The rejuvenator

The 'supreme' model of the 'Overbeck Rejuvenator'. This would have cost £12 in 1930, equivalent to about £350 today. We have a number of different models on display.

Maritime room

A wonderful and evocative collection of local maritime history. The Devon coastline is littered with thousands of wrecks and we tell the story of the  the 'Herzogin Cecile'.


Otto Overbeck was believed to be the last living relative of the Dutch Overbeke family. These remarkable books of illustrations by Bonaventura Overbeke are now on display in the museum.