Blacksmithing Classes at Patterson's Spade Mill

Blacksmith James guiding visitor through forging

Whether you're looking for a new hobby, or a day out with a difference, Blacksmithing classes at Patterson's Spade Mill are an unforgettable experience.

Learn all about the history of Patterson's Spade Mill, from it's beginings in Coalisland to becoming the last water powered spade mill in daily use in the British Isles, all while turning you hand to the ancient craft of blacksmithing.


Full Day Classes

A full day class costs £120


Take a day off from your routine and become a blacksmith with a full day class. 


Full day classes normally last about six hours and are led by our fully-trained, qualified blacksmiths. The Patterson's team is dedicated to sharing the time-honoured craft of blacksmithing, ensuring that your expeirence is not only memorable but safe.

Over the course of a full day class you will be given the history of Patterson's, an insight into how the current mill works and a hands-on look at the techniques used in creating everything from the simple shoe horse to ornate, bespoke commissions. 

These full day classes give you a real taste for the blacksmithing craft as you create your own bespoke piece, and when the tools are downed and the forge extinguished, you'll take away a beautifully crafted piece of ironmongery.

Evening Classes

Patterson’s Spade Mill are excited to announce evening class. Part of a four week course, evening classes offer a chance to get an indepth insight into the blacksmithing craft. Attendees will be taught the basics, working their way up over the four weeks to more ornate designs. From the simple tips and tricks of the art form, to seeing how elaborate designs are formed, evening classes are a great way to blow off steam, develop a new hobby and forge your own custom piece taking it from concept to completion. 


A four week course costs £140. 


If you would like to make a booking, either give Patterson’s Spade Mill a call on 02894433619 or email