Christmas at Petworth

A prototype of the set design for Oak Hall at Christmas

Open from 2 December to 1 January 2018, visit Petworth and journey on a Grand Tour Christmas. Inspired by the historic tradition of travelling Europe and the members of the family at Petworth that did just that, see six rooms dressed for Christmas representing the countries that travellers would have seen on their journey through the continent.

Please note that from 2 December to 1 January the only access to the mansion is for A Grand Tour Christmas.

Go on a journey through Europe at Petworth and see timeless Christmases brought to life in countries across the continent.

Inspired by the Grand Tour popular from the 17th to the 19th century, journey around Europe just as the family at Petworth did. Wandering the six rooms of the mansion you’ll discover full sized cityscapes of countries on the Grand Tour dressed for Christmas alongside historic star items that connect to each country.

Dscover the Christmas traditions that make each country unique with some hands on activities ideal for families.

Begin your exploration of Europe in the mansion shop and receive your own passport to take with you from country to country.  Then as you wander the rooms be sure to find one of our volunteers and have your passport stamped just as you would travelling abroad.

A prototype of the set design for Oak Hall at Christmas

Say goodbye to England in Oak Hall decked with stockings and garlands. Taking centre stage is a cityscape of Petworth dressed for the season as well as a life sized Christmas feast installation complete with turkey, crackers and, the like them or loath them, Brussels sprouts.

No British setting would be complete at Petworth without a scene of the British landscape and in Oak Hall you’ll find a reproduction of a painting by JMW Turner, who would often visit Petworth to paint landscapes of the deer park created by Capability Brown.

Travel to France in the Somerset Room complete with a Parisian landscape set dotted with well known landmarks from the Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame.  While you visit discover more about a popular tradition in France with a scene of shoes filled with sweets and treats placed by le père Noël.

The Sarcophagus shaped commode made by André-Charles Boulle

An unmissable feature is the André –Charles Boulle commode made around 1710, identical to two pieces ordered by Louis VIV for the Palace of Versailles. This rare example has features sphinxes at its corners and lion's paws at its feet.

The Grand Tour at Petworth then takes you to Switzerland in the Red Room for an immersive experience that uses a lantern technique to project illuminations of Swiss scenes over the walls.

No holiday abroad is complete without a photo opportunity with the family, place your face into the frame and bring to life the Swiss scene adorned with cow bells that are famous throughout the country.

The last leg of your trip is into the Chapel where a 20-foot tree awaits you. Help us decorate the tree by colouring in your own ornaments or take them home to decorate your own. There are also blank cards where you can write wishes to hang, see if they come true.

Across from the mansion, in the Servants’ Quarters, discover how we made a Grand Tour Christmas possible and see the corridors decorated with garlands, wreaths and postcards from the countries you can visit on our Grand Tour.

Open every day 11am to 3:30pm, from 2 December to 1 January 2018 except 24 and 25 December and included within your entry ticket, visit Petworth for a continental Christmas experience like no other.

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