Pin Mill

Important notice -

All our houses, gardens, parks, toilets, cafes and shops are closed from Sunday 22 March to further restrict the spread of coronavirus. Please note that Pin Mill is closed, please do not travel here.

Enjoy a wander around Pin Mill and escape from it all

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Autumn leaves
Walking trail

Walk with us 

Discover a peaceful woodland and heathland alive with the colours and fruits of autumn. Take in the tranquility of the wooded foreshore and savour the spectacular views of the River Orwell

View of beech trees at Frithsden beeches with a broken pollarded beech branch in the foreground

High winds in the Essex countryside 

During the winter months when we see more high winds and storm events we ask that you walk in the open spaces away from the trees.

Pin Mill

Our work

An empty wooden bench looking out over the trees across the Estuary

Springtime work at Pin Mill 

Work carries on all year round at Pin Mill. We have installed a new bench along the cliffs away from the houseboat area, where you can have a rest with lovely views across the river. We have been cutting back the gorse to make the footpath more accessible and have undertaken some fencing repairs. This is part of our rotational work.

Conifers growing at Pin Mill

Conifer thinning and why we do it 

Heathland management at Pin Mill promotes the natural habitat.