Pin Mill High Fire Risk

Heather at Pin Mill

We've been lucky to have some gloriously sunny days, but this also means that the heath land here at Pin Mill is bone dry and therefore at greater risk of fire.

We’ve all seen the news of devastating wildfires in Australia and last year closer to home at Ilkley Moor and Marsden Moor. The current dry weather sees Pin Mill equally at risk from such fires.

Despite rainfall over winter, ground conditions are extremely dry. As a result of this increased risk, we have taken the decision to ban ALL barbecues and open fires from Pin Mill until further notice.

Please ensure that you leave no litter that may cause fires or magnify the sun - as always, we urge you to take all litter home with you. If you smoke, please extinguish cigarettes fully and safely.

The safety of our visitors is paramount. We also have a duty of care to look after this special place and protect important wildlife habitats. With your help, we can help reduce the risk of wildfires, and help ensure that days out in the beautiful sunshine are safe and happy ones.

If you do spot a fire, dial 999 immediately and ask for the Fire Service.

Staff will be carrying out regular patrols throughout Pin Mill particularly in woodlands and heathland areas, but your help is also invaluable

Your help and support to help us look after Pin Mill is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Barbeques and campfires are a significant fire risk

Our policy on BBQs 

Due to a high risk of wildfires at the moment, we're asking you to please not bring a barbecue or light a campfire when you visit the coast and countryside. To help protect wildlife, please also take any litter home with you.