50 things at Dapdune Wharf

Visitors on the dipping platform at Dapdune Wharf

Here at Dapdune, you can find loads of the 50 things to tick off your list...

We're only a little site but we've got a lot going on... We've got trees you can get to know, dens you can build, conkers to play with, lovely grassy areas to go barefoot and plenty of sticks to have fun with.  You can do all this on your own.

Then you can also do things that we can help you with - how about discovering what's in a pond?  You can camp outdoors and cook on a camp fire as well as go on a nature walk at night and float in a boat all on the same night.  And our favourite - go stargazing...

You can also make and fly a kite or a mud creation, go barefoot or well wandering depending on the weather, find some funky fungi and forage for wild food - in fact, the possibilities are endless.  

Click on the links to see what you can do and when you can do it.