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Ticket office volunteer engaging with a member of the public

Volunteering is a brilliant way of meeting extraordinary people, brought together by extraordinary places. For more information on what volunteering involves, and if you would like to learn new skills or pass on your own, please download our volunteering opportunities information. You'll also see some of the different ways you can volunteer below.

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To register your interest, please complete the registration form below and email it back to River Wey.

Learning and events

If you become a learning and events volunteer at Dapdune Wharf, you will play a part in creating special memories and inspiring young learners during their visits to the property.  You'll facilitate schools tours and workshops, and play a key role in making our events happen. If you've got any energy left, you can give little ones their best day of the year by helping out at birthday parties...  Offer as much or as little time as you like.

Visitor services

As a volunteer in our visitor centre, you'll meet visitors, answer their questions and help to bring the Navigations' history to life. Dapdune Wharf is the visitor centre for the River Wey Navigations and is open from March until October. The site tells the story of the Navigations’ history since it opened in 1653, the cargoes the Wey barges carried and the age of barge building.


Our Wey Navigation conservation volunteers meet at different locations along both the Wey and Godalming Navigations. You'll see why the mixture of tasks and variety of locations has proved very popular with our existing team.

Guided walks

We have a number of walks of varying length which cover all areas of the Navigations from Godalming to Thames Lock and the surrounding towns and villages. If you are a keen walker you could volunteer to lead some of these walks and provide back up to walk leaders.

Sewing group

If you're interested in sewing, you could join the group of volunteers who get together on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 12 to 4 pm. They started out making outfits for an event, which they enjoyed so much that they decided to continue. Activities include making outfits for children visiting the wharf.