School visits to River Wey and Godalming Navigation and Dapdune Wharf

Children at River Wey school visit

The River Wey Navigations can provide a truly unique learning environment for your group, boasting nearly 20 miles of river, a beautiful 18th century water mill and well equipped visitor centre, Dapdune Wharf.


Our multi-disciplinary workshops make the most of our location and resources and are tailored, through discussion with our Learning Officer, to create a bespoke itinerary for your group. A preliminary visit is offered to teachers to enable them to explore the site and decide on the best programme for their students.
All bookings must be made through the Navigations Office. Visits take place Monday to Friday, March to November.
An education visit costs £1.75 per child.  Entry is free to those with Education Group membership. Each workshop costs an additional £1.75 per child.  For further information or to arrange a visit, please email Pam or call 01483 561389

Early years, Key stages 1 & 2: Historical Enquiry

Become a detective during our Historical Enquiry workshop, aimed at developing first-hand knowledge and understanding of the past. Using our Handling Collection, consider materials and their properties and discover what role each object would have played on the waterway.
Curriculum link: History, Geography, Science and Technology.

Early Years, Key stages 1 & 2: History site tour

Take a tour around the site at Dapdune Wharf with an experienced member of the Learning Team. Climb aboard a Wey barge once used to carry cargo along the Navigation and find out about the people who built and worked on the barges.
Curriculum link: History, Geography.

Early Years, Key Stages 1& 2: Geography site tour

Take a tour around the site at Dapdune Wharf with an experienced member of the Learning Team and, using the interactive displays and models, see how the Navigations revolutionised Guildford and helped to transport a wide range of goods around the South East.
Curriculum link: Geography, History

Key stage 2: River Studies

Students get to witness physical features of the River Wey first-hand before having a go at operating a lock, using our interactive model. The highlight of the workshop is an exciting experiment on the river.
Curriculum link: Geography, Science, Maths

Key stage 1 & 2: Invertebrate study

At Dapdune Wharf, use our dipping platforms and specialised equipment to discover organisms in our creek. Learn how to use a key to identify and classify invertebrates, and find out more about the habitat in which they live.  This session can also take place along the waterway.
Curriculum link: Science.

Key stage 1 & 2: Mini Beasts Study

Study the wealth of terrestrial invertebrates living on our ‘island’ at Dapdune Wharf. Learn how to follow keys to identify and classify individual organisms. Identify and explore various microhabitats using special techniques and equipment.
Curriculum link: Science.