Winter works on the waterway

Wintry day on the river Wey with work boats

It isn't all plain sailing on the River Wey Navigation in winter: the lengthsmen's team could be out all hours, opening or closing weirs, checking water levels or removing obstructions, while the maintenance team could be replacing lock gates or sluices, ironing out the towpath or checking for possible breaches.

Winter works programme 2017/18

The following lock closures are planned to take place from November 2017 to February 2018

St Catherine's Lock

Tuesday 21 November until Thursday 23 November 2017

Upper lock gate repair.  This is hopefully a quick repair.

Coxes Lock lower gates replacement postponed until winter 2018/19

Newark lock

Monday 22 January until Monday 12 February 2018

Lock gate replacements.  This will involve a full dewater of the upper external head walls and any necessary repairs.  A full engineering inspection will also take place.

This work programme and schedule are subject to change due to weather and flood events.  For further information please contact the Navigation Office:


T: 01483 561389